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4/28 c7 andrewpine
am I wrong in thinking that Eddiekins will be dragging his family to Volterra to come save his blood bag from the horrible Volturi sometime soon ? will she be wanting to eat Bambi after she is turned ? Will she only be a shield once she is turned I ?
4/27 c4 andrewpine
It seems that all of the vampires that she has met like her but I am curious if Jane is the exception ? is she going to stop dwelling on Eddikins and move on with Felix now ?
4/27 c3 andrewpine
Why wait so long ?
I wonder what kind of fit will Jacob throw when she finally calls and tells him what she has decided ?
those getting together always makes me laugh just picturing them considering he is like
six nine seven foot and she is like five four.
4/27 c2 andrewpine
Eddiekins is determined to keep his blood bag it seems.
she doesn't seem too concerned about Charlie and what he will think happened to her.
4/27 c2 andrewpine
Very interesting so far.
8/12/2021 c24 5Sandy2348
This was cute! I wish there was a bigger confrontation with Caius though.
10/25/2020 c23 Tilty.bbb
This was a fantastic read well done
5/21/2020 c24 traceybuie
Awe... Great feel good chapter. Thanks for writing and sharing.
5/21/2020 c23 traceybuie
This chapter was really sad. Thanks for writing and sharing.
5/20/2020 c24 1LunaM303
happy ending for them
5/20/2020 c23 LunaM303
its going to be ok bells
5/20/2020 c24 asia.joanna.7334
Omg omg Omg Omg Omg Omg i love it. Another great chapter I hope you update really soon
5/20/2020 c23 asia.joanna.7334
Omg omg Omg Omg Omg Omg i love it. Another great chapter
5/3/2020 c22 traceybuie
Felix and Bella are too cute with all of their biting after sex talk. I'm assuming their entire honeymoon goes like this. ;)
Demetri telling our couple that Bella is going to start going with them on missions ease some of my worry. Because I'm still suspicious of Caius. -bites fingers-
Thanks for writing and sharing.
5/3/2020 c22 29momma2fan
I have a bad feeling about Caius...
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