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for Della Duck's Totally Awesome Guide to Bonding With Your Family!

5/16 c1 garmonytariq
The story title has a Gravity Falls reference. Nice one.
4/5 c51 5ljmartino
I love this story and the characters are awesome. I would love a part 2 of the story because I love how Della interacts with her boys like a loving mother she is.
I’m sad that the story is over but would love more.
4/5 c51 8JTrain027
Wow; this was a fun story! You really nailed Della's character, and I like how you added other characters who didn't make it into the DuckTales reboot. The action and drama moments were cool too.

Also, I personally think you should do a Part 2, because I would like to read more of Della's relationship with her family and friends in this headcanon. But that's totally up to you.
4/4 c51 1tontheoffbalance
So now that the series is over, and everything we know is a lie, what's next for "Della Duck's Totally Awesome Guide to Bonding With Your Family!"?
4/4 c51 84KaliAnn
I really liked how Donald out the pieces together.
4/3 c50 KaliAnn
Poor Della, its obvious that Minnie, Daisy, and Clarabelle are girly girls and Della is an independent young woman. No wonder Della is so annoyed by them, they act like they can't do anything for themselves except look pretty!
4/3 c50 96Average Everyday Sane Psycho
Nice update
3/16 c2 Thristan
When ANY siblings get on the same page it's telepathy
My sister and I put that poor photographer through so much hell it was almost physical, it was diffidently emotional
3/16 c3 kokomo
Yay! We finally get an answer!
2/24 c49 Average Everyday Sane Psycho
another great update
2/21 c49 1tontheoffbalance
Petition to get Della a proper therapist
2/21 c46 tontheoffbalance
Is that Ma Beagle?
2/21 c45 tontheoffbalance
Wait, is that THE jewel? The one they found form the first episode?
2/21 c49 84KaliAnn
I really do like this. I've never seen much of Horace before, but he does sound like an unused character.
2/18 c48 96Average Everyday Sane Psycho
I love it when writers are able to add legacy characters like Horace and Clarabelle into their works...
Can't wait for more
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