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10/21 c35 Just a Guest
This serious is amazing and so are you. You have made something special that I very much enjoy.

Anyways, if you're taking requests for fighters, since you've done a concept for a webtoon character, why not feature another character from the internet. I'm thinking maybe Ruby Rose from RWBY. Her costumes could switch between her appearance in Volume 1-3 and her appearance in Volume 4-6, with the Volume 1-3 colours referencing the members of Team RWBY and the Volume 4-6 colours referencing the members of team RNJR.

Sorry about that large request thing, but could you also do Lisa Simpson and Patrick Star...

...As assist trophies.
10/19 c34 1tyrone.s.phillips
Sandy Cheeks

Ben Tennyson

Gwen Tennyson
10/19 c33 10xinbra
Bugs Bunny
Mickey Mouse
Roger Rabbit
Woody Woodpecker
Yogi Bear
Scooby Doo and Shaggy
10/16 c32 3Emperor Void
Well, great Moveset and... It's finally happening! Ahahaha! Yes!
10/16 c31 24the ender defender
Hey man. Sometimes you just gotta get weird with it
10/4 c29 Guest
Can you do Elsa?
10/1 c29 Guest
Where’s the update?
9/25 c28 675mary.okeeffe.16
Not bad.
9/24 c27 2Luke.SK
How about Bugs Bunny?
9/4 c26 675mary.okeeffe.16
Spider pig, spider pig.
8/25 c26 1tyrone.s.phillips
Could Sandy Cheeks be done as well please
8/21 c25 675mary.okeeffe.16
Could you do Isabella Garcia Shapiro of Phineas and Ferb.
8/20 c25 zakawer2
Just do Peter Griffin from Family Guy Funny Moments already. Just Beter, okay?
5/23 c24 24the ender defender
How about Aang? Including his book 1 and book 3 outfits. Give him a down special that changes his 'stance' to Air, Water, Earth or Fire. Changing his stats as well as what he'll do for his other specials. There's a lot of possibilities here
5/2 c24 FanBoy01
I like SSB.
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