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5/3 c6 FayReadsStuff
- Herbert's thought process, I'm sure
4/28 c6 41Calimera
So glad to hear from you again and to see our favourite vampires disasters in love! The fight scene was so entertaining to read, I can tell you had fun writing it! Poor Alfred though, he thinks he's a poor excuse of a vampire; fighting isn't in his nature but Krolock is right, it could be useful to him.

Haha Alfred wanting to know what Krolock thought of his book is like us waiting for reviews after publishing a fanfiction, so I can understand what Alfred feels xD

Krolock don't need to be jealous, I don't think Alfred is going to fall in love with someone else... he still has feelings for Krolock, buuuuuut seeing Krolock jealous and possessive is so much fun to read :P I also have to say the dark and sensual side of this chapter is a delight to read. Again, poor Alfred but I do love the pining! And, since it's a vampire romance, why shouldn't we indulge ourselves with a dark and sensual side?

Thanks for the update, it's still a delight to read your stories!
4/28 c6 12ghostwritten2
Hooray! An update! Thank you so much for this. I'm sorry to hear you've been having writer's block. Loved the combat training scene. I also like the way Alfred answers back, and Johannes sometimes tells him not to push his luck, but is occasionally rather amused. And the last scene, with a jealous Krolock, was great. I hope he finds out that he's got nothing to be jealous about, but it does show hiw possessive he is of Alfred. It must be hard for Alfred not to give in to his desires. Another great chapter.
3/1 c5 FayReadsStuff
yisssss fluff
you're amazing
1/13 c5 ghostwritten2
Yes yes yes! They're kissing again! I do love the way you write vampire emotions - so dark and sensual, and yet with these two, sweet as well. Must be Alfred's influence.

I'm so glad that Alfred said he wasn't angry anymore, and I loved the conversation they had after Krolock tried to teach Alfred to fly. Also loved that Krolock was honest with Alfred, and I hope they explore this new bond of theirs further.

Great, great chapter.
1/11 c5 41Calimera
I finished this chapter with a big and silly smile on my face. This chapter was so good! Congrats for finishing it!

Herbert's POV was delightful to read, how exasperated he is with his father and Alfred's antics! I laughed when he thought that, if anyone should have a dark romance, it's him. Poor Herbert is being a bit forgotten with Alfred and Krolock dancing around one another xD Now Herbert be nice! You're talking about your father and your father-in-law :P

I loved seeing Krolock teaching (or trying to teach) Alfred the ways of the vampire life, though I can guess Alfred won't make a powerful vampire. He may master some vampiric powers but doesn't seek to be a powerful vampire, it doesn't appeal to him.

Yay! They kissed! Alfred admitted he wasn't angry anymore! They're not quite together again as lovers but this is a good start :D I also loved the last scene with them talking about birthdays (it's interesting to know when Krolock was born, during a new moon, it's fitting) and Krolock giving Alfred a birthday kiss. This was very sweet!

Also, I'm glad our conversation inspired you ;) thanks for updating, it was a great chapter as always (how funny it is you updated the same day I posted something in the fandom xD)
11/19/2019 c4 anon
Again, I /love/ your writing. Today’s update was definitely the highlight of my day, maybe even the week so far. I think this is one of the best/most emotionally evocative chapters of the either Tanz series you’ve written. The tension literally had me torn between scrolling to the end to see the resolve and just continuing to read. So good! Super excited for next update :)
11/19/2019 c4 Calimera
A mysterious woman! Ha, a mystery! That means we'll see her eventually! I wonder who she is, maybe Krolock's maker or a past lover... I'm already curious and a bit worried.

It's nice to see Alfred is seeking company, even if he doesn't talk much to the Krolock when they're together, at least he doesn't stay alone all the time, he's slowly changing but still angry, that's understandable. I picture well Alfred reading and Krolock's eyes on him. I also liked Alfrec changing the curtains and wanting to continue his book as summer is coming, he's slowly changing and want some changes in his life. It's kinda symbolic :) I also like to imagine Krolock proposed Alfred to sleep in the crypt as a way to feel Alfred with him, unless he has a coffin for him in the crypt just in case? The scene they shared was very intense! You wrote the tension really well!

Herbert is always a delight, it's refreshing to have him with all this tension!

A great chapter as always!
11/19/2019 c4 12ghostwritten2
So many great sentences and phrases that I'm tempted to quote back at you! You describe everything so well. I can really feel the tension between Alfred and Johannes, and I loved their confrontation that was interrupted by Herbert. I can't help but be glad that Alfred is finding it hard to stay angry when Krolock is around - they really do have unfinished business.

Also really liked the scene in the tower room with Herbert. He tells it like it is. And I love that Alfred carved out a little place for himself within the castle. Loving this story.
10/24/2019 c3 41Calimera
It's always a pleasure to read from you! I still love the way you write the characters, especially Alfred. It's fascinating to read about Alfred and try to step in his shoes now that he's a vampire. In most Alfred fics, he's still human (not that I mind!), but I always wondered what Alfred could think as a vampire, what changed, what didn't change. Clearly, Alfred will need time to adjust. He's still angry with his Sire and try to bargain (mostly when it comes to feed), it must be painful for Krolock because of Alfred being hurt but also because he might see himself in Alfred, when he first became a vampire, how he tried not to kill... I think it's a good thing Krolock is his Sire, he's patient and he's the one who knows Alfred the most, and he definitely won't let Alfred do something stupid, such as ending himself.

It was heartbreaking when Alfred tried to bargain but had to kill, even if it's an animal, and how confused he is about his new nature and his feelings for Krolock. It was touching how Krolock brought him gifts, and how Alfred said "Is that your way to bride me?". It will be interesting to see Alfred interacting with Herbert in the next chapter! I look forward it!
10/23/2019 c3 12ghostwritten2
Wonderful chapter. The parts where Alfred killed the deer and then the woodcutter, and his reactions, were so heartbreaking and true to character. I love the way that Krolock is giving Alfred his space to try to deal with things, but also guiding and helping him. And I love that Alfred is confused about his feelings for Johannes. I can't help hoping that they'll be closer again eventually, but I know Alfred needs time.

Also liked the part at the end with Krolock bringing gifts - Alfred's was perfect, just after he'd realized that he was still a scientist and a writer, even though he was a vampire now.
10/4/2019 c2 Monkelala
I'm so sorry that I didn't found out about this story sooner!
I am so very very thankful that there's another story from you of this pairing, thank you so much!
It was so heartwarming how Johannes handled Alfie and even Herbert made an effort!

Again, thank you so so much!
(I'll be awaiting the next chapter and will surely cherish it!)
9/24/2019 c2 41Calimera
This was great! I loved your description of Alfred as a newborn vampire. At least, he seems rational enough, though the hunger is there but it was to be expected, as well as his anger toward Krolock. Well, this is another thing to add to Krolock's long list of regrets, as if he didn't have enough. Hopefully, with time, Alfred and Krolock will go back to what they used to be, lovers. Poor Alfred right now tries so hard to be human, hope he can be different. It's like the five stages of grief. First there's denial and then anger, then I suspect he'll go into a sort of depression before accepting his situation. In a way, Alfred is grieving indeed! He's grieving his human life.

I'm glad you picked up from where the 24th chapter ended, I was curious about the events that followed. And, wow! The last line was great!
9/24/2019 c2 12ghostwritten2
This is brilliant. I don't think I've ever read a description of a newly-turned vampire that felt so realistic before. And so in character for Alfred - trying so hard to fight to be human.

Love the description of Krolock at the end as looking "as ancient as mountains, and as sad as rain." So poetic.

And the last line about neither being able to stand watching the other die was just perfect.
9/18/2019 c1 2GabsStories
I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! I love your stories, they are absolute delights, can't wait to see this new babe come to life! Love you!
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