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for A Day in the Life of the Gal Pals

7/21 c38 Bryan Pacheco
I’ve waited for this chapter for a while and I was not disappointed. It is true that to make a moment perfect is near impossible, what matters is that we have friends and family to make those moments perfect in our eyes.
7/20 c38 52crafordbrian17
what time period did this chapter take place in?
7/20 c1 4ZexyZane
I just come back here to read the chapters with romance in them. Can someone tell me which page consists of romantic endeavors between Lincoln and one of the girls? I'd really appreciate it. Author, do you mind?
7/19 c38 jster1983
I always loved the 4th of July. The Fireworks, the barbeque, and just sitting back and relaxing with my friends and family.
7/19 c38 1Fickleness16
So you were originally putting the Stanckos as antagonists in the story only to cancel the idea in the end. No offense, but will you make them appear as antagonists in the later stories or not?
7/19 c38 8DreadedCandiru2
They usually use a prybar to open locked cars.
5/20 c37 Guest
So Spring is the first season to receive a "bonus tale" and it focuses on Luan trying to avoid slipping back to her "Joker-like" persona on April Fool's Day. It was an interesting choice to have Beatrix as the "spotlight character" and Gary The Glitch made for a unique video game.

I'm guessing the remaining "bonus tales" will be in seasonal order (Summer, Autumn & Winter) but I suppose we'll have to wait and see if that is the case or not.
5/18 c37 9Claircrystal
The Loud parents had enabled Luan for too many years regarding her pranks and April Fools Day madness.
For a bonus story could you do one how Biff is doing at the new school his father sent him to.
5/17 c37 52crafordbrian17
can you please NOT have it 1 year later? :(
5/16 c37 Bryan Pacheco
I liked this chapter. It shows that Luan has changed for the better. As for New Year’s Eve, in my opinion, I would go with the kiss because almost anyone can stay up until midnight on New Years Eve.
5/16 c37 10Yellowpikmin88
Great bonus chapter and character development for Luan.

A New Years Eve story sounds good and I think it could be about both making it till midnight and someone trying to get a NYE kiss. I know Lincoln’s certain to get group kissed by his gals when time comes, given the occasion and all the time they’ve spent together.
5/15 c37 jster1983
You know I recently saw Silence of the Luans? The part where the camera zooms in on her photo as it changes to her smiling and then also laughing evilly creeps me out every times.
4/14 c36 9Claircrystal
I thought the bullies had stopped tormenting Lincoln because of the cameras all over the school?
4/3 c36 Guest
It makes sense that the finale of the Spring Section would be the "formal" ending of the anthology as all 4 seasons have been covered and this one-shot did feel like a "book end" with how it is set a year after the Gal Pals were formed. It also makes sense that Biff would be the "final boss" so to speak and it was satisfying to see his father put him in his place for all the misery he was responsible for throughout the anthology.

So it sounds like each season will have a "bonus tale" but the question remains if they'll each be one chapter or if any of them might be multi-parters.
4/2 c36 jster1983
Frog Lincoln? Where does Lincoln come up with this stuff?
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