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for For Love or Duty

5/12/2003 c2 8Transcendent
Wonderful! I can't wait for the next chapter ^_^
5/10/2003 c1 14Isis Aurora Tomoe
It's off to a good start so far! I mean, really good. I can't wait for you to post the rest.
5/10/2003 c1 5Jayness
Awesome story! I like it...I like it alot! Keep it up...can't wait until next week...My fav couple is Mal/Mina...I actually hate serena and endymion...so I'm glad this isn't about them! but that's just me!
5/10/2003 c1 12Aphrodite2
Oh I like it alot! This is a really good story with a good beginning. I will be keeping a look out for it in the future!

by the way, incase you didn't know, you have it set so it does not except annoymous reviews. Just thought I would bring that to your attention incase it was an accident.

Happy Writing!
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