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for A Prince's Saviour

9/29 c17 xXxOtAkU-444xXx
I like it
9/28 c17 11Sagilemiel
Very very good !
9/28 c17 1Sakihinata
Thanks for sharing!
5/30 c16 fraidykat
Good they are all together and more so. I suspect you will have Noct say something when least expected. Thanks stay safe and well. Hugs.
Thank you,
5/30 c16 Tsuki Banritt
Thanks for the chapter !
5/30 c16 Sakihinata
Thanks for updating!
5/30 c16 Jostanos
Omake: "And all seems right with the world." A mauve haired observer smiles from his monitoring station elsewhere in the citadel; then he adds "But for how long? *sigh* Somebody somewhere may make the colossal error in blabbing when they shouldn't and~."

"OI! Matsuo! Get your arse away from that view screen and get to the training grounds!" growls a voice causing the mauve haired lad to start and stand at attention "YESSIR! LEAVING FOR TRAINING NOW, SIR!"
5/5 c15 Laesk
Good chapter, thank you. Harry Potter/Final fantasy xv please. You are the only one writing those and they are very good. Many thanks.
5/5 c15 Lmppsc
I love it! As always good job! I do have a question though. Why are they all kissing each other? It a culture thing or what?
5/5 c15 Jostanos
Omake: "Heh! I never doubted it for a second." "Yeah right, Mat."
5/5 c15 16freefall-gypsy
Yes! Squee, the Plot Bunny Gods are smiling down on you.
5/5 c15 fraidykat
Glad to see this come on, please please don't give up on these stories. Stay safe and well.
Thank you,
4/12 c14 Lmppsc
Oh how I wish I didn't catch up so fast in this story. I love it so.
4/12 c10 Lmppsc
4/12 c9 Lmppsc
that was rough. Not sure I liked the rape at all, but I get that it happened. But still I look to the next chapter with hope!
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