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11/18 c7 7Black Bankai
That was really good
9/4 c7 26Lil Lost Lady
The story is progressing I wonder if/when it will veer off course and when they'll realize Ichigo's more than just an experienced Hunter. I saw that the next chapter was an author's note of sorts so I'll wait until the next chapter is really up to make a review for the real chapter 8.
9/4 c6 Lil Lost Lady
A fivesome? That sounds like a tough thing to write, have you ever done a fivesome before? I know I've read threesomes and foursomes from you. I'm fine with whatever direction you wanna take it. Noctis slight jealousy at Ichigo's sudden closeness with Prompto is something I can see whether it's just because of friendship or anything deeper, I'd imagine him to be a bit possessive of his first/best friend.
9/4 c5 Lil Lost Lady
I enjoyed the little Prom and Ichigo bonding moments. So when Ichigo thought about how he couldn't store anything besides his weapons within his soul and how if he could it'd give his hallow and Quincy something to do I thought. What would happen if he had access to Noctis' magic would his spirits have access to anything Noctis and the boys stored?
9/4 c4 Lil Lost Lady
I had to re-read the first 3 chapters it'd been so long since I last checked in with this story but it was a good re-read. So about Ichigo's family I know they died but wouldn't he have been able to see them/find them somewhere in the Soul Society? Or maybe he couldn't because of the way that they died or well the Soul Society is a big place maybe he couldn't find them?
8/31 c7 shazza085
yes updates
8/30 c8 XxxgoblinslayerXD69
Alright let's just clarify some things honestly this story would be way better if there wasn't a pairing or having a pairing close to the ending of the story. It'll go way smoother if there wasn't a pairing yet. I feel like you kinda walked into this blindly as well I'm not saying that Ichigo is weak buy he's not canon strong either. In all honesty this Ichigo seems to be very very weak, he's a war hero and he hasn't really done anything memorable. One question I have is how strong is Ichigo in this story?
8/30 c8 4HuonParticlesAreHarmless
I read other other chapter twice and was hella confused, thought I read it wrong. But that was quick, thanks for writing!
8/29 c7 xXxOtAkU-444xXx
I really like it
8/29 c8 thesesignupsneedtodienow
Haha, thanks for fixing it so quickly! I was a confused blushing mess when I read a few sections of that chapter.
8/29 c7 3Phoenixcatch7
This... Took an unexpected turn... Did you post the wrong chapter or something? The tone is quite different... Or am I just confused?
8/29 c7 stephen51991
Wait, what? So is Ignis a Hollow or something? Ulquiorra reincarnated? I caught leathery wings and glowing green eyes, so it kind of fits the bill, and without all the millions of other souls that made him up in the Bleach verse he wouldn't be the broken powerhouse he once was.
8/29 c7 Jake2094
Wrong story dude
8/29 c7 TheOneUnknown8
Hey, I think you may have uploaded the next chapter of 'I Have Faith in You' to this story, since this chapter seems utterly disconnected to what happened previously in this story. I haven't read that other story, but this chapter would seem to fit, based off of the summary.
8/29 c7 4HuonParticlesAreHarmless
This is for the wrong story, I think.
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