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for Sincerely, The Stranger You Call Sister

5/13 c17 Angelicsailor
1. Tom
2. also Tom
3. it was freaking adorable
4. from the ye old English portrait onwards was the best
5. eh the beginning is a little slow but nothing negative to say really
5/12 c17 Knight of Fire
1. Personally, I think it’s Tom. Hell, this might just be his plan to either isolate Dorothy or to get her to do stuff to the other Slytherins.

2. Maybe also Tom, but I don’t really know. Possibly Nott or one of the other Slytherin boys, but for this one I’ll probably wait for you to reveal.

3. The adventure was fun! It was interesting seeing the difference between Malfoy and Dorothy when they’re sneaking around, and I think this might be the start of a (friendly?) rivalry.

4. Favourite part was definitely seeing how Dorothy interacts with the portraits, especially Sir Edbert

5. Least favourite was when the other Slytherins and Dorothy start insulting each other, mostly because it’s been going on for so long that it kinda got less interesting.
4/13 c16 Big Fan
I’m excited for what comes next!
4/14 c6 bookivore
I can see an older year tell a girl to shut up and stop bullying but the term diet shame is recent- maybe 2015? Maybe earlier? But not 1930s
4/14 c5 bookivore
Saw a mistake in the 1930s you don’t “print” pictures from a camera, you take the film to be developed and buy more film for the next set of photos. I don’t know when the film became easily removed so that you took in the film rather than the whole camera but in any case slow cumbersome and expensive for like 12 photos and the guy in the lab might or might not look at the photos- you couldn’t use the photocopier either they were 20 years away.
4/13 c16 Knight of Fire
Yay! Another chapter!

1. Dorothy’s letter is a real doozy, hoo boy. Alright, so exploring Dorothy’s past, alternate, future life is one of the parts I enjoy, especially exploring how she viewed Tom before and how she sees him now. But, I think the yandere tangent was just a bit too in-depth and long for me, personally. Course, I’m just an internet reviewer, so you do you. As for the foreshadowing that the letter seems to imply? Well, I’m certainly excited.

2. I’ve never been a big fan of “Secret Admirers,” they’ve felt a bit too stalky or creepy. In addition, this person seems to want to harm the girls, which is a big n o in my books, and I’ve disliked them pretty quickly. Of course, this could be Tom trying to isolate Dorothy like she said in the letter. I’ll be excited to find out.

3. I really enjoyed Minnie in this, especially in her little smack down of Rosier and her trying to get Tom and Dorothy to make up. It makes her feel very genuine.

4. Tom’s removed her from Dorothy’s friend group, hexing her or tricking her or something. That, or someone’s trying to isolate her now that Tom’s not an issue.

5. Favorite part(s) were the little bits where Dorothy sort of argues with herself and tries to convince herself that what she’s doing is correct, and having doubts cast by bother herself and others. It makes Dorothy stand out from other SI-OCs in her unique interactions with others.

6. Least favorite part has to be the interaction between Dorothy and the Gryffindor first/second years, mostly because they seem so... stupid and cowardly or something.
4/5 c15 2Dragonmouth
I love Spademan and Dorothy's interactions. She better kick butts at quidditch.
4/1 c15 Knight of Fire
This has been the most unique OC-SI for Harry Potter I’ve seen.

1. The Cold War feels... realistic? It’s interesting, though truthfully, I prefer it when siblings have a good relationship in stories. Still, it does make sense that Tom would be overly attached. I think the execution is good, and I’m looking forward to the outcome. (Personally, I want this to be some sort of bonding moment where Dorothy can admit some of the things she’s afraid about)

2. Spademan and Dorothy’s relationship and their heart to heart are nice. I enjoy the mentor/big brother vibe that he has, and also that Dorothy isn’t automatically the smartest or most emotionally stable person and does require help.

3. Favorite part would be that heart to heart or the Minerva and Poppy scene. Both flesh out the characters, make Dorothy a more relatable character, and offer a nice dive into her inner workings

4. Least favorite part is the stuff with Tom’s Cold War with Dorothy, but only because I prefer having the two in agreement rather than in opposition.
3/13 c15 1BoleynQueen
1. I think the Cold War was bound to happen. Before this, they were in an orphanage with no one like them and no chance of someone understanding them and befriending them. As much as I love their closeness, they need to let others in and Tom is seeing this as a threat to his relationship with his sister. This is good for them.
3/12 c15 Antareslight
Thank you for the update! I absolutely adored how Spademan played the role of a mentor/confidant in this chapter for Dorothy.
2/23 c14 seraphina987
Great chapter! Loved seeing Dorothy beat Malfoy.
1/17 c13 Banana
Ooohhhh, is she going to make her own spells?
1/4 c13 M
Love this! Amazing story! Love Dorothy! 1. Love the idea of the dueling club. 2. Distrust. 3. When they met McGonagall and Tom and Dorothy bickering over the handbag! 4. N/A. 5. N/A 6. N/A. Looking forward to the next chapter!
12/27/2020 c13 sssalvatxre
Oh I'd totally be Dorothy if I met a little McGonagall
12/27/2020 c12 sssalvatxre
I feel bad for shipping two brothers, please someone tell me I'm not the only one, but it's Tom fucking Riddle, sorry . Ok, I'm not very good at commenting but I want to say I love this story, I love your writing, I love everything, it really got me hooked and it has become one of my favorites. Keep it up!
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