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3/22/2020 c2 Juniper
Nice story, don't get me wrong, but I have some nitpicks:
-seeing tears in her eyes / on her face. It's raining cats and dogs. Everything including her face is already wet and with rain getting into his eyes as well, it's hard to see. Maybe describe her red eyes instead
-stopping Bella killing Bella. Uhm. No. Fine that she froze, but it doesn't make sense to assume she did bc she would have had to kill; disarming would have worked too. Also, she was fine in the Ministry; what changed?
-'My usual tone'. There is no first person
-easier on her in class. He usually just ignores her... Which in his case is a way of going easy on people...
-McGonagall and Snape seem to get on relatively well in canon; I would hope she would be at least a little glad he made it before bringing up Hermione...

(Is this really an unusual ship?)
Oh I like the name Aurelius :-)
10/20/2019 c1 Fguijgdrhvfui
I loved this so much!
10/8/2019 c2 Guest
Thank you so much for sharing this story.
10/7/2019 c2 4HermioneIncarnate
This is a beautiful story.
10/6/2019 c2 7Imwaiting4myAliceandEdward
Very cute
9/21/2019 c2 Aglaonema
Wow this is the best ss/hg I've read in a long time! It was very sweet and so well constructed, I loved it
9/16/2019 c2 66notwritten
Very nice. Keep smiling.:-)
9/15/2019 c2 Guest
I love this!

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