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for Hero Academia DxD

12/6 c10 biob1
This story is really just kind of all over the place at the moment. I feel you spend too much time introducing new characters and world building too fast for it to make an impact even if you weren't using so many crossovers. I have no idea who most of the people you introduced are or if they are pre existing characters in media or orginal. This arc that you have introduced is feeling very mixed up and confusing. I would like to see a little more focus. This has blown up from a mhaxhighschool dxd fiction in to something else which feels bloated and unnecessary. I have no idea what our main characters progression even is. What is dragon force how is that apart of boost and ddraige. This just feels kind of messy
12/3 c51 302leonardo18anime
Here it is everyone. The person who will have power that can equal both Heavily Dragons, Seraphins, the Four Satans, Yokais, Loki and other gods. A man child who plays Fortnite. Yep, just roll it.

Why couldn't just make Shigaraki the White Dragon Emperor?
11/30 c57 Metallak
wait So that's it? Mirko likes Izuku just like that, while I'm happy that the harem isn't taking forever to form, I admit that in her case I thought it would take longer.
11/30 c7 Guest
Give him a reptilian familiar, I don't know, some fantasy creature like a lizard or snake or crocodile or something like that.
11/24 c57 Jaakor
Considering that the theme of the series is “magical superheroes,” can we have a reference or a cameo or something like that from “Miraculous: The Adventures of Ladybug”?
11/18 c54 1ASD Fictions
Azazel almost went and said the "f*ck you, f*ck you, you're cool, and f*ck you" meme. I kid you not when I say I lost my shit laughing with I read it
11/18 c55 ASD Fictions
Imagine Orphis being part of the harem due to the reasons of "Izuku" and "Comfy"
11/17 c51 Nathair1
tried to look it up

it says that the video's no longer available

what's the name of the video?
11/14 c21 overdrive276
hopefully you can give mineta development instead of being lazy about it like most fics
11/14 c21 overdrive276
hopefully you can give mineta development instead of being lazy about it like most fics
11/11 c14 overdrive276
is bakugo getting a redemption arc cause it could be really good he's a seasoned combant he shouldn't have had trouble with mere robots
11/9 c13 overdrive276
is bakugo gonna get a redemption arc
10/28 c51 ASD Fictions
"What do you have that's non-fat with less than 3% sugar?Napkins," that's a reference to Gwen from Ben 10 Classic
10/28 c46 ASD Fictions
Is Liana's Half-Sister's Codename a nod to Water Hazard from Ben 10. Her codename and quirk usage seem to be a nod to it
10/28 c43 ASD Fictions
It's pretty easy to function on 4-5 hours of sleep (especially for me (insomniac)). It's just about getting used to it or you can take short 5 to 15 minute naps during the day.
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