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7h c24 4nexusplayer
Lemon. Me want Lemon
12h c51 5Spedyalarm
I was happy to ssee the Yasaka, Kunou Cameo.
Also, I am very unhappy that I have read all the way up to the latest chapter so quickly.
Added to that I have my own Highschool Dxd fanfiction, which I recommend you check out: The Black Dragon Emperor of Will, I can appreciate this fanfiction better than most.

I wouldn't mind doing a crossover thing with you, but I'll have to write a bit more first, Hunter needs too get stronger before he can fight Izuku. Much stronger.
12h c48 Spedyalarm
13h c9 4nexusplayer
Oh few. But anyway... Ahem.
*INhales sharply*
13h c8 nexusplayer
Oh so Jiro is lesbian?
Welp. Guess I've gotta look out for that..
14h c6 nexusplayer
Ahh interesting.
14h c40 5Spedyalarm
Ddraig and All-Might both share a similar fear.
All-Might's afraid of Gran Torino.
Ddraig's afraid of Tiamat.

Maybe Izuku's going to get a double internship?
14h c3 4nexusplayer
Eh. Eh. EH!
Well. Izuku is getting a large harem. However I have an Idea! Infinite power! Boosting his ability to grow faster!
14h c1 nexusplayer
Mmmm. Interesting.
18h c31 5Spedyalarm
Izuku's Got One for All!
Hell yes!
11/26 c51 4Scotus
Another good chapter.

On the topic of the Dad for One theory, I think that while not airtight, its a good theory that may actually end up being true.

1. We know AfO isnt planning on staying in Tartarus forever, so he may be saving it to fuck with Izuku, plus I dont think it would shake All Might that much, he wouldnt judge his protégé who at this point is like a son to him for something like that.

2. Sociopaths do fuck, a one night stand or a temporary fake identy to indulge in a normal life might be par for the course when it comes to a man who is basically immortal.

3. Who is to say that he didnt check if Izuku had a quirk derived from his own? Garaki, AfO's personal doctor was the one who tested for Izuku's quirk, as seen in episode 1.

Im not trying to say its a sure thing, but its entirely possible, plus it would fit the Star Wars theme the series has.
11/24 c51 King
To me there will never be anyone that can make a legacy like Kevin and Jason did or ever will be again, may they rest in peace
11/23 c51 Guest
YES FINALLY THE HAREM HAS BEGUN I have be waiting for it so thank you for this chapter and I hope you add reiko to the harem she likes spooky stuff and izuku is a devil so yeah please.
11/23 c51 Guest
I couldn’t see the Yasaka and Kunou picture because it was under mature content and those links for the YouTube videos couldn’t be found because you spaced out the urls. By the way I totally agree with you that All for One being Izuku’s dad theory is ridiculous and I don’t even see how that would work.
11/23 c51 ProMythic96
what a nice chapter!

after all that happened they deserved the break from all of this event

and dude because of you now i hope i had a money to visit the tokyo disneyland!, i also big gamer of League of Legends but unfortunately i can'nt play it right now.

i am little surprice yasaka and kunou make earlier apperance in story.

and make the harem is official right now! im happy for them. but im not gonna too hype because raynare and other villain gonna cause all trouble to them, so it's gonna full of challenge that i believe they gonna make it througt that.

i also fell sorry for your pain because i also lose my grandmother but let's pray they are in rest in peace, amen.

keep the story update because i always wait and see more from you.

note : if there mistake in this review, im sorry because english it's not my main languade
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