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for Atlas: The Titanic Hero!

11/22 c18 Jaydog123
Great chapter Can’t wait for the next
11/16 c1 Keithbear666
I can see the concept for some of the powers from attack on Titan that you used. The steam and heat that his body produces is from the colossal Titan, the hardening is from the female Titan, the regeneration is from the attack titan when it showed eren regenerating his hand within a few seconds, and possibly others. All together a very interesting story, I look forward to reading more.
11/8 c18 JIPA000
Hypothetically, would he get the quirks of the people he eats?
11/1 c18 2Malchior
I use the FanFiction app on my phone to listen to many fanfic stories while driving at work. This means I tend to go through several chapters before I can review, and then I forget to do so.

Just wanted to clarify that because I'm brining up stuff from previous chapters.

There is a lot to like about this story, but there are also a few implications and things you've either ignored or overlooked. For example, Kurogiri instantly cutting off parts of Izuku's Titan Form. In canon, Kuolrogiri needs All Might to stand still because closing the portal is not instant, it takes time. So Kurogiri being able to chop Izuku up so quickly means that Kuogiri could, literally, just warp in, dice All Might, and warp out. Sure, Kurogiri needs to know where All Might is, but that's not hard to arrange, or wait for.

Basically, the entire story of MHA is now pointless because Kurogiri can instantly kill anyone he wants, or is ordered to target. Like, All For One could just blow up part of a city, All Might appears, and then Kurogiri just kills him.

Secondly, you have Atlas being able to throw just over 965 meters, which around 37% further than Izuku does in canon using 100% of OFA in his finger. Since Izuku doesn't really weigh anymore in his base form, Izuku should be capable of truly insane movement speeds. You have Izuku being able to nearly match Iida in the Assessment Test, but that's the worst for Izuku to use his strength. His form is strong, but not necessarily fast. However, his incredible strength should allow him to *jump* at insane speeds and distances. On average, legs are twice as strong as legs, so Atlas should be capable of generating twice the amount of force his arms can. If Izuku can throw a baseball nearly 1,000 meters, he should be capable of jumping at least several hundred meters with ease.

But at multiple points jn the story, Izuku can only jump a handful of meters off the ground. Why? Not only that, but during the Sports Festival, Izuku should have been able to just jump past all obstacles even in his base form. Like, he is strong enough to easily tear through the Zero Pointer without going full Titan. Izuku in his base form should be capable of feats like the MCU Hulk, definitely not comic book Hulk though.

Since we know Atlas can generate force similar to Izuku's canon 100% finger, Atlas should also be capable of punching hard enough to generate pressure blasts, like Izuku does against Todoroki. This means Izuku has ranged attacks capable of just blasting anyone out of the ring. Even Bakugo can't resist that force, and Atlas can do such things many, many times.

Your implementation of how long Izuku can stay in Titan form is also pretty inconsistent. He fights for several minutes against Nomu and Kurogiri, and has multiple body parts cut off. Regeneration produces more heat than anything else he does. Yet during the Obstacle Course, Izuku is nearly tired out from just running the course. This seems weird.

Anyway, I just feel like, with how strong you made Izuku in the Assessment Test, that many things should have been very different in this story. Especially since Izuku has undergone a lot of tests and training by, possibly, morally questionable scientists that want to understand every facet of his quirk. With Atlas being able to match Izuku's finger. and Izuku's finger being capable of instantly shattering Todorkoi's glacier blasts, that means during testing, the scientists would no doubt have discovered the same thing. Having Izuku punch as hard as he can in his base form would have caused explosive winds. Izuku in his Titan Form is 10 times stronger and should be capable of, basically, generating hurricanes with his punches.

As it stands, right now, Izuku is basically in the Top 5, maybe even Top 3 most powerful people on the planet. It literally took All Might trying to kill him to knock Izuku out when he was 5, and Izuku has no doubt grown only stronger since then (since Quirk's become stronger with use, like a muscle.) Realistically, the only ones who can match him, are All Might, All For One, and maybe Gigantomachia given enough time. No one else has enough power and durability to beat him down. Atlas was easily able to destroy the Nomu in a fight, and thst Nomu gave All Might a run for his money.

Based on all of the above, you are severely underpowering Izuku.
10/30 c5 Malchior
Shouldn't Izuku's clothes be destroyed during his transformation? Mirio needs a special outfit made of his own hair in order to stay clothed during Hero work, same for Mount Lady. Why does Izuku not destroy his clothes?
10/29 c13 6Capito Celcior
WAAAAAAY too heavy on the "unprovoked, cowarldy, vile, etc." attack during the interview. After the first time you make clear it was an attack from the outside with a faction you had no previous interaction with, repeating how THEY are the enemy begins to sound not just repetitive but as though you are trying th shift the blame. YES, U.A. is the victim and the good guys, but being so heavy handed with the blame and heaping the praise on yourself, while repeating ad nauseum how they are bad and you are good, has very much the sound of propaganda to it. It means a lot of people who are even slightly skeptical about what they are told at all times will instinctively begin to distrust it.

A clean reporting of the actual events does a lot more. It is shorter, less tedious to listen to, and leaves a better impression over all. "We were under an unprovoked attack. These are the perps. Our staff fought bravely, but two were injured and one, unfortunately died. None of the studens were harmed." with a few more details of exactly what happened, this comes of a lot better than "We, the kind heroes, were struck by a foul plot. By a never before seen villain who managed to defeat our hereto unparallelled defense. The poor children were cruelly forced to fight bravely against unremorseful, unforgivable, malicious, evil monsters. But they took up arms and took a stand as though a glorious light from a guardian deity inspired them with the message we great heroes try to show them so they may inherrit it from us blameless stalwart guardians of the law. Yet this unanounced attack of the nefarious League of Villains who are obviously up to no good and mean you harm, struck us hard as three of our staff, the noblest of men and women you could imagine, suffered greatly in the defense of the innocent lambs that are these children. Grieveous injuries to two, heroes true. And the greatly mourned heroine who sacrificed her life in this most noble of battles for truth, justice and whatever nation you ascociate ourself with's way. Hold contempt in your heart for the foul, putrid fulth that dares obstruct the progress of our school, and think kindly of us."

OK, clearly an exageration, but it is still painfully obvious that everytime the villains were brought up they had an insult or negative description added to them (never just The League of Villains, or just plain Villains) and the students or staff were always praised. You can get away with once or twice each, but everytime and it begins to feel disingenuous. Like you're deliberately trying to make people feel a certain way in an unsubtle way.

We, your audience, already feel this way because we read the story. And the news reel in your story would demand a bit more subtlety in order to be taken seriously.

I still like your story, even if Izuku is a bit...well, less than intelligent and has quite a bit more hubris. Which comes from having a Quirk, apparently.
10/25 c17 Guest
The people saying mirio will die from getting OFA there is literally no evidence that says somebody with a quirk couldn’t use OFA… mirio was the person who was planned to inherit OFA in the canon TWICE he is chosen for OFA by both Nighteye and Allmignt (before he changed his mind) and by midoriya himself

Plus there are seven quirks in OFA and if was going to make them braindead from quirk overload it would have done it far sooner. Quirkless people in MHA DO NOT HAVE A HIGH CAPACITY FOR QUIRKS ! That’s why they don’t have any !
10/25 c17 Guest
Hope bakugo gets some therapy for his parents dying ! As much how easy it’d be to just say he’s stupid for hating midoriya for it since it was an accident it is entirely understandable why he’d hate him… even if by accident midoriya still took his parents and a lot of his “friends” life which is horribly traumatic and will haunt him for the rest of his days on the earth !
10/27 c5 havocofwar
It took me re reading the rankings 5 times to try to figure out who had been swapped before remembering Koda.
10/26 c18 LockieBoy1819
Awesome story mate like how you made the titan from attack on titan as a quirk and its great how different it is then the my hero academia anime show your doing a fantastic job can't wait for the next chapter hope you have a great day and stay safe.
10/23 c18 L
Noice. Thanks for the update.
10/22 c17 Naruto Sleep - Runa
Yui x Izuku? I like this...
10/22 c5 Naruto Sleep - Runa
Mineta is kinda ahh
10/22 c2 Naruto Sleep - Runa
Hopefully, no Harem
10/22 c1 Naruto Sleep - Runa
Mad Titan
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