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for Atlas: The Titanic Hero!

2/11 c1 Torhelm
Previous review was for chapter 11 btw.
2/11 c1 Torhelm
Wow, what a terrible chapter. First time he uses his quirck and he gets absolutely shit on by a villain he beats in the original with a defective quirck. Then you kill off Thirteen in the dumbest possible way. How tf are you going to kill off a character in a scene where they don't originally die in? So Izuku with his upgraded quirck somehow did worse in this fight than the original and still gets someone killed along the way. What's the point of making this fanfic if he's even worse than the original? Should've made this character an OC. Fat L.
2/6 c8 Guest
So... is Allmight going to continue being unlikeable? Don't give excuse of him being young or whatsoever, Midoriya was a kid at that time. Someone he nearly kills at that.

Obviously he have the right to be cautious of the boy, but it definitely seems like he's allowing his prejudice to get the better of him.
1/5 c22 Guest
Love this story!
12/31/2023 c22 Blaze1992
I hope Izuku breaks that blonde POS.
12/13/2023 c5 2Zappy Turtle
It seems that my last review was wrong and there’s a reason to have him in a class that don’t have I’ll will towards him. Now what I’m curious is will he gain similar powers to other titans like a armor form and a war hammer form?
12/13/2023 c3 Zappy Turtle
It makes sense that some people will have a negative reaction to Izuku due to his past but it seems that aside from the teachers only the girls don’t harbor anger or fear toward izuku, which kinda makes it feel like a harem/ edgy izuku fic but aside from that I like how the characters are turning out and it’s premise.
12/10/2023 c16 17greyblueflames98
Dunno know why but I think you might have Mt. Lady be the one Midoriya is under for his hero study. Given the interest she showed here I wouldn't be surprised.
12/9/2023 c22 Arezeoz
So Monoma just doesn't get tired huh? I guess you have to force a reason for Todoroki to lose.
12/8/2023 c22 1Insane Wombat
Either you're sucking off Monoma so hard that he's hitting your gag-reflex.

Or it's Toga using his powers better than him.

Also, if you're setting up a 'Titan vs Titan' battle. Just, don't. It's stupid and silly. Nobody will enjoy reading that.
12/7/2023 c22 2chiposkippy
I like the detailed view of Mt Lady's thoughts, it's setting her up nicely. For Izuku, I'm excited to see him start taking his fights seriously.
12/6/2023 c21 DragonPikelz
so much if this story is angst and drama it drowns out everything else which is a shame bc you have great idea but this just isn't enjoyable to read i hope you keep doing well but I'm out
12/5/2023 c21 iiiiiioooooiiiii
its also cazy just how much better you made basically all of 1b with no explanation and nerfed all of 1a
12/5/2023 c22 iiiiiioooooiiiii
bro what is this hard on you have for Momoma he's not that powerful can only copy four quirks and that has a time limit and all the drawbacks and also can't copy really powerful quirks and can't use multiple at the same time there's no way hes beating todoroki especially since he would immediately lose todoroki opens the fight with a glacier that goes so far high and wide it goes out of the stadium Momoma is not jumping over that it makes no sense I get it's fanfic but it follows canon to a certain degree and you didn't start otherwise on todorokis power
12/4/2023 c6 1M.Cain
which titan form is izuku ? he's to short to be a colossal and with the description i am thinking of the attack titan .
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