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for Fate Creation: Dragons and Sword

10/9/2020 c2 CAD270895
more please please update soon
7/25/2020 c1 CAD270895
please update soon
7/1/2020 c2 Ranmaleopard
This is just really interesting and I can't wait for more
4/19/2020 c2 samuelcaldeira76gmail.com
Thanks for the chapter please update again soon
3/20/2020 c1 CAD270895
more please
12/18/2019 c2 Fleyja Yuki
Now I want to see what the future holds xD
12/17/2019 c2 sheikhrajela
I hope you have kiritsugu train shirou properly as to many fanfics have shiro never be trained proplerly a magus and considering the enemies kiritsugu has made and had over the years it would make more sense to prepare shiro just in case any one from the moonlight world found out kiritsugu is still alive and about shiro.
12/15/2019 c1 dasaed3
Continue plz
12/15/2019 c2 Bubbahfearsome
can't wait for more.
12/15/2019 c2 HeavenLibrary
'with the equivalent of a huge amount of dakka'
12/15/2019 c2 9Lord Metallex
So does Shirou somehow becomes a legendary in the future?
12/15/2019 c2 Hekkasi
Interesting story. I hope you continue. I like the idea of goss being girls. I am interested to see how they will interact with other type moon characters.
12/15/2019 c2 CAD270895
i love this story more please
12/15/2019 c1 2SoftItalics
Will the Creation Trio have Reality Marbles, or something similar to ORT.
12/15/2019 c2 ObsidianUnknown66
Well didn't expect Kingdom Hearts to make an appearance here. Then again the Masters of Masters is a keyblade master and even the most novice keyblade user can bend and change an entire world to what they desire e.g. Aqua. Him being the oldest and most powerful could probably easily deal with the Counter Force and could maybe even theoretically do away with Gaia and Alaya if he wanted. It makes me wonder if any other KH elements will be brought into the story.

One small point in the first chapter you said the Creation Trio come from a reality outside the Root and I thought Zelretch could only travel to universes involved with the root, not outside it. Just a small point.

Can't wait for the next chapter.
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