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5/18 c37 Guest
Just look at the fic Legendarily Popular. I have full faith Pokémon can learn more moves than just their types and a few random adjacent stuff that the game presets :)
5/18 c24 Guest
At this rate he’s gonna have to catch an eevee on his own cuz he will never be able to afford one…

Maybe he can try to remember where they appeared in the games and target those areas. They weren’t THAT rare.

Also yeah I do enjoy his journey but also want him to be a badass mofo trainer in the end, eclipsing ash. This is his journey and I probably speak for all of us game players that were we to get into the Pokémon world we definitely want to defeat Ash once and for all and take his glory
5/18 c20 Guest
I wish Lee would just go capture more Pokémon. Ppl don’t complete the pokedex just watching others…

There’s no need to hold off just for the sake of a full battle team cuz most serious trainers would have more than 6…and some would want Pokémon that can fly and teleport and swim too even if it’s not a main battler just to get around

I feel like the kid watching someone else get the Pokémon they wanted :(
5/18 c18 Guest
Ya know I think there’s a misconception around carrying limits - he should really go and catch more Pokémon even if he doesn’t have time to train them much because he should get himself an abra and other Pokémon just for ease in adventuring and make life easier

Like what the MC in My Pokémon Afterlife does. Nobody can literally forbid you from carrying more pokeballs with Pokémon inside them in your bag that you don’t use in official matches!
5/18 c39 Misfiredmayhem
Dope read looking forward to your next update
5/18 c17 yochan123
Yes to a flygon! Or a garchomp! Okay both he can catch in the game in the same place that desert and honestly they’re so cool I love them both and they own so many opponents in the games

Also having a Latios/Latias is soooo neat plz plz give him one. He really ought to get an actual psychic type and I just love that mega evolution flying animation :)
5/18 c13 yochan123
Ash has SO MUCH nepotism. We can’t leave the world in this runt’s hands

Let’s get better Pokémon and defeat him and save Hoenn!

Seriously tho Ash is really annoying beyond being a mascot of a fun game franchise. Don’t feel bad for taking his encounters…I’d take all of them, though Ash meets some poor Pokémon I’d never use in my games
5/18 c11 yochan123
Also I feel like he could try to make up some code words and battle formation plans to throw ppl off when he’s not verbalizing each attack move with his non psychic Pokémon

Great first battle! Man I really feel he should get himself a future garchomp…gotta get a dragon and ground type and probably an electric / water type too for the advantage and strength
5/18 c10 yochan123
It would make sense for the gym leaders to have their teams based on the strength of the trainer, yeah? Cuz in “real life” ppl wouldn’t do their gym challenge in the exact same route nor are there levels so based on the number of badges a trainer has the gym leader would send out their beginner or senior team
5/18 c8 yochan123
Damn it having too dragon types isn’t fair. Salamence is such a beast T_T why can’t we get an OP Pokémon for Lee

Poor vulprix being hurt by a vicious dragon type
5/18 c4 yochan123
Team rocket needs to actually just go die off. Permanently. They completely ruined the Pokémon anime for me.

Also ash’s pikachu is such a hax. Like it can’t beat some random ass Pokémon but goes toe to toe with legendaries? F that man

I hope Lee can beat them all.
5/18 c39 Skywalker405
This is the trashiest story I have ever read :D
5/18 c3 yochan123
I’m a little salty he’s helping the kids get stronger too…the starters in Kanto and Hoenn are really OP in terms of movesets and EVs but he can’t get a future Combusken fastest fire chicken nor a Swampert now T_T can he at least get a Salamence?

Oak is soooo nepotistic
5/18 c1 yochan123
wow AMAZING start like this was the most emotional pre isekai into a Pokémon world I’ve ever read. Or really any isekai death to start. Seriously amazing. And awww that vulprix.

Even though I love Hoenn starters tho haha I do wish he had a torchic or a swampert’s first form XD
5/17 c39 4Vaughn Tyler
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