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13h c24 Dedrick Jones
there's the Shinx
21h c14 Dedrick Jones
idk if you did it in the later chapters or planning to do it but I feel like Lee needs a Shinx
22h c13 Dedrick Jones
Begone, THOT
5/10 c1 Dedrick Jones
okay was NOT expecting this when I started the fic but dang it was good I thout truck-kun was gonna make an appearance
5/6 c25 Guest
This fic is like freaking crack cocaine. I think I'm addicted. Please give me more to shoot up
5/4 c25 Guest
Great story, I might be tempted to say that the pacing is a tiny bit slow. shit still poppin off tho. looking forward to vulpix's development
5/4 c25 Guest
great story
5/6 c2 1Jack's Shack of Story Yaks
5/4 c7 Guest
fuck zinnia she a yeeyee ass hoe
5/4 c25 Ezezee
This is one of the most interesting Pokémon fics I've ever read, eager for the next chapter
5/2 c19 Kenrio
so the mc really is so stupid to not think that basil is using future sight ?
5/2 c18 Kenrio
why this mc is such pussy ?
5/2 c13 Kenrio
I don't think a 10 year difference is that big, my mother is 43 and have a boyfriend of 23(yeah 2 years younger than me)
5/2 c12 Kenrio
this is mc is really wrong in the head. he is in a real world so if really needed ash will take one of his old Pokemon to use(this is without counting on his luck to receive another talented pokemon)
5/2 c12 Kenrio
ground Pokemon that have potential but I never see in other fics: cubone, phanphy, hippopotas, drilbur.
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