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for Borne of Caution

42m c63 1Viviene001
...courtney won't commit suicide, will she?!
9/21 c1 Guests
Good question! Has NT ever use wisp on her other fire moves?
9/20 c3 Guest
Me gusta tu historia aunque un poco meloso (cariñoso) son lee y vulpix. Ojala Lee se relajé un poco en las futuras batallas con su pokemon
9/20 c1 GGuestt
I'm hoping NT has a discussion on how much Lee exaggerates his own actions while underplaying the actions of others.

She was the one who wrote an invisible script for becoming Aster and was upset when he didn't read it, pouting for longer than necessary after a one-sided thrashing. All he discovered was that he needed to become better at battling and that he was a lousy friend for not disclosing his secrets sooner. Although the first part is reasonable, he is disregarding the precise things Zinnia has been looking for. Was this a deliberate action on his part? She opted to ask two outsiders for assistance rather than commanding her tribe to assault Team Magma for whatever reason that is yet unclear.

He acknowledged how perilously close he had come to betraying his loved ones for the benefit of just one individual. The individual in question hasn't been around him for any longer than rest of them. Courtney's "infiltration tactic" remains a mystery to this day. What prevents different people from using the same move?

NT understands that this is a part of who he is because of their unique link, but she insist that as a fallback, he at least alert Birch and Steven of their whereabouts. They had been eager to pay attention after the events at Mount Chimmey. I may be overanalyzing the plot, but I feel like there are some unanswered questions. I still love the story.
9/19 c64 Anonymous
I'm very much looking forward to what sixth Pokemon Lee will get.
9/19 c64 Guest
First chapter in a while with a typo. “To” vs “too”. Also, hard to get back into your stories after you made Desire a beastiality fic.
9/20 c64 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more
9/18 c64 Guest
Gah this literally updated on my birthday! I’m so excited to read it :o)
9/19 c64 lukejmontier1
I still dont like octillery but still. I missed you so much bro! I hope your able to update more often!
9/19 c64 3SilverHatTrick
Caught up, thank you for your work!
9/19 c47 SilverHatTrick
Super hyped for the upcoming fight, and I'm glad that Ninetales can talk with Lee now easily
9/19 c46 SilverHatTrick
Wally's going to get overpowered a little early- or burnt
9/19 c39 SilverHatTrick
9/19 c30 SilverHatTrick
More pokemon dialogue please. I wonder how intellect varies between species/maturity
9/18 c64 1Wyrdseer
Woo, Nice to see the teams all starting to come into their own. I'm excited to see who they decide to add to the roster next. And when is Baby Shinx gonna battle?
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