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12h c25 28AlithiaSigma
Nice assessment of Lee's battling style, existential Vulpix, and Magma-Aqua plot
7/20 c1 PopoRec
On the topic of style in the Pokemon world.
I consider Pokemon battling parallel to a coach plays with theirs athlete. A coach can be in your ear all the time telling you what to do, but the athlete who's been prepared to know what to do without being told is always better. Where your team can branch out as needed to serve as an first response and a reflexive fallback. There's been several instance where a Pokemon respond without the need to be told and it's proven how lethal they become doing so, the best example being Andre Absol hidden use of Detect.

It'd absurd if Steven's Metagross who is walking supercomputer that can think faster than his trainer with access of Mega Evolution would follow that mindset. Same with any Champion or Elite Four. I can only imagine two problems with this approach : Meet a existing counter to said team that cut the 'flow' of the battle or at beginning stages where it isn't as hardset. This part is where the trainer plays here. There job handles with observing the situation, analyze the combatants, and plan ahead so your team holds the advantage.

On the Lee and Zinnia argument and resolution with the cartoonish end. I have no idea on how to write a story but this might clear the cohesion.

Chapter 18 The reason decided to take Tyson wasn't in the idea of winning, but to get firsthand experience on how older trainers would treat battles without holding back. This also show what happens if your unprepared for future fights.
Chapter 20 While Lee and Zinnia start over on a new leaf, instead of outright forgiveness he said he need to think on it in terms of his secret. Makes sense when you're told you been treated as a replacement friend while they're fishing your secrets.
Chapter 20 A small clue that Brenden may help with the 'scenario test' Lee look at. It's odd that Zinnia curious in Lee's skill if she knew all this.
Interlude 4 Replace the backstory Lee gave with a talk along the line of : "Before we left the city, I talked with Brenden so I could get another opinion on this. You said it yourself that I serve as a replacement for someone you knew. But if Brendan's willing to give you a chance after hearing that I'll try to do same" and promise to repay for the tickets. Reason there is Brenden likely wanted to know why that happened since he was in front of blow out.
7/20 c27 Guest
Amazing insight into zinia! Well done!
7/20 c26 Bryan
Amazing way to integrate shinx! Well done!
7/20 c24 AlithiaSigma
The tab I was using to read this broke, so it's ff dot net time now.
7/16 c28 famawoo
You can't retroactively change a contract...
7/11 c28 Scoolio
Hurray! Drama!
7/13 c28 9CoffeeFields101
One of the most imaginative and fleshed-out writings I’ve read, ever. Great stuff and I’m hooked for more!
7/12 c28 6TekoloKuautli
Uh uh, Birch is finally taking action. Not that I blame him in the least, Lee has raw potential but is also a ticking bomb that also stands next to his son and by the looks of it several people of interest will poke at their group to see what will happen. Lee needs to solve his issues no matter how difficult it will be to do so in any short period of time, he can't have flashbacks when he has run ins with team aqua and magma or Ash.

I think that despite everything, having pokemon might be the best kind of constant therapy he could have gotten. Sometimes helping or taking care of others also helps you.

I know Lee will be furious at having this condition forced down his throat but if he's thinking also of the burden his trauma places on his pokemon and friends then he would go through with it with honesty.
7/12 c27 TekoloKuautli
Zinnia is surprisingly understanding and open minded. I didn't play the newer ruby and sapphire games or read the wiki about her to not spoil myself, glad to read how much stress and thought she is going through. In a way all three of them are becoming close friends and growing up, Brendan is a breath of fresh air in his untouched innocence while Lee experienced tragedy that he's still trying to get his footing back on while Zinnia is constantly worried about the apocalypse.
7/12 c26 TekoloKuautli
The battle tent was amazing, part of me wanted Lee to have more interactions with the electrike but knowing it's going to be put up for adoption is good enough. And Scott's entrance! Wow, he really comes off a little stalkerish but he's as cool as in the games.

Grovyle getting that miracle seed seems right, he's already a heavy hitter so it makes sense to power him up more. I wonder if a sharp beak would be good for Corvi too. And what's with Vulpix?
7/12 c25 TekoloKuautli
I really like the quiet interactions of Lee, his team and Brendan with Zinnia, but his battles are great too!

As for team aqua and magma... they honestly creep me out, while team rocket has this profit first mentality these nutcases want to change the world's masses and expect it to be a good thing instead of the apocalyptic disaster it would be in reality. Pokemon Emerald was the first game I played that I could understand the gameplay and story as a kid, really these kinds of goals didn't seem as radical and dangerous back then.
7/12 c24 TekoloKuautli
Meeting Shinx was both sad and happy, despite his best efforts the breeder really cares about the pokemon he sells. Which is great, not the best costumer service but the best kind of adoption officer.

Zinnia's apology was good, I almost came to hate her before, and them trying again to have a real friendship is better.
7/10 c28 Skyking99
Made it to the end of what’s available so far. I’m hooked and can’t wait for more!
7/9 c27 Caliberious
Poor Zinnia shouldering that burden
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