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5/29 c26 29Engineer4Ever
Nice update and wow, Scott really shows what he's all about here. I frankly love it. Seriously, we never see items in the Anime used all that much, which is a shame bc it's only the mega stones. Keep up the fantastic work and loving the team building, just so flipping sweet! XD
5/29 c26 1buterflypuss
good chap
5/29 c26 The Apex Predator 01
Great new chapter, looking forward to finding out what happens next
5/29 c1 Mrjl
Umodin, I agree with you about the part with nonsense reviews about Zinnia.

Overall, it's a decent chapter with a great mix of daily activities and battling. Would be nice if the plot could progress a little faster but I guess rushing things will only makes things worse.
5/29 c26 4Revliledpembroke
I only have one thing to say: MORE!
5/29 c26 Poharan
Im glad than Lee feels like a true human, i mean, tons of fanfic just create a edgelord with no feels and just few can create good characters, Lee thinks like i really think of Pokemons, he is a good guy with his own problems but problems like any human being.
I was expecting Lee has curosity to see any Pokemon Contest, i mean in a new world full of differents jobs is interesting to see every aspect ot it.
Very good job there.
5/29 c26 4Verdauga
Interesting to read.
5/29 c26 rarrarshark
Thank you for the chapter!
5/29 c26 1kyuubi7
Love reading more of this! It's nice to see Lee develop more as a trainer. I didn't expect Scott to show up, but considering this is a fusion of Oras and the originals I'm not too surprised.
5/29 c26 13Umodin
I keep seeing all of these nonsense reviews about Zinnia being a Mary Sue, and it’s very annoying. From my perspective, as somebody who has written an extremely popular Gary Stu power fantasy, they get boring. I wish I’d given my MC more agency and that my side and supporting characters were like what Lee has. This is fantastic man, don’t let anybody think differently.

I do wonder though. Lee strikes me as the type to hyper focus on his team or 6 once he has it. We already have 4, and with the goal of Vaporeon lined up, I’m curious on what the last team member will be. Any chance you give him a legendary, like the Lati’s or Regi’s? Or do you have a more grounded approach in mind?
5/29 c26 3Greatazuredragon
Great chapter, thanks for the update.
5/29 c26 34NinjaGogeta
I’m getting an image of Lee releasing a really badass looking Luxray, intimidating as hell... then she jumps into his arms, knocking him down, and starts licking him and cuddling him, like one of James’s Grass types haha.
5/29 c26 Steelrain66
Ok fuck it I am gonna weigh in on the Zinna thing, sinceI always see people complaining about it in the comments. I think she had ever right to call out Lee. Sure the old way had been working thus far but that shit isn't gonna fly at the elite levels of battling. Mary su my ass, a lot of these people haven't read any real Mary su stuff if they think she's one.
5/29 c26 de fanfic a audiolibro
Hoy es mi cumpleaños gracias por el capitulo
5/27 c1 FiggyCarMust
I’ve really gotta disagree with everyone who dislikes Zinnia’s presence in this story. I think she was an excellent pick for a travel companion, and having someone closer to the protagonist’s age who can confidently point out his failings is really worthwhile. I can’t help but feel as if a lot of the people taking massive issue with her being critical of Lee would only be satisfied with a wholly submissive female companion that lacked any agency in the story. That might be projecting on my part, but the tone people approach these reviews with really does seem absurdly whiny.
This story continues to be an absolute delight. Genuinely the most interesting thing being written in this community. I hope you’re enjoying your time writing it as much as we are reading it.
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