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5/23/2020 c10 1JunkerSB
Welp, I'm hooked now. So now that Lee has new pokemon? is he gonna hafta share his origin with his new teammates? Maybe not with treecko right away, I imagine teling him his "home" was doomed to crash and burn no matter what wouldn't sit well.
5/23/2020 c10 froduction
me like
5/23/2020 c10 Jack1nTheBox
awesome awesome awesome. Feel a little bad for Ash but at the same time treecko will be a beast with Lee, probably better than with ash too. I look forward to seeing your next chapter.
5/23/2020 c9 Jack1nTheBox
so long as these dont happen very often I think I'll actually find myself enjoying these logs, to many and it'll make the story stale but a chapter of these every now and then is a good way to get some explaining and development in. Impressive work.
5/23/2020 c2 Jack1nTheBox
okay this could be me reaching a bit too much but I take it you're a fan of both marvel and the muppets? the name Lee Henson has to be a reference to stan Lee and Jim Henson right? otbrtwise that's one heck of a coincidence. Nice chapter though, always did love Vulpix, though after gen seven I have to admit I've grown partial to its alolan form
5/23/2020 c1 Jack1nTheBox
gotta admit I'm not a fan of things that are written in the present tense but otherwise I quite like the intro
5/23/2020 c10 1L'assassin orange
Well, that was a quick change! From one to three indeed, and not the Pokemon I'd have even expected at that. Props to you for making it a very organic development, and I hope everything's going a bit better on your side!
Thanks for the chapter!
5/23/2020 c10 SirLaze
I like it!
5/23/2020 c10 1Murtaugh
While I haven’t played, and don’t play to play, the new Pokémon games, due to GameFreak’s incompetence, I am interested to see your inclusion of a Galarian Pokémon in this chapter. This chapter was just as great as the last few.
5/23/2020 c10 Eviline
Corviknight. How I love you.
Treecko is my favourite pokemon, next to Shinx. So glad Lee caught him :) F canon, Ash wastes most of his pokemons potential anyway
5/22/2020 c10 1pyrogreninja
DUDE THIS SHOT IS THE BEST! I LOVE the fact that you shoved in a Corvisquire in typical Pokémon fashion and add to the fact that Corvinknight is one of my all time favorite Pokémon! And the little theme reference was just icing on the cake! I don’t know who you’re fooling calling this masterpiece a garbage fire, you should be writing some of the shit that Hollywood puts out these days! Can’t wait for the next one!
5/22/2020 c2 Jacksonion Democracy
Is the M rating is solely due to gore/violent themes, or will there be other causes such as sexual situations and profanity?
5/22/2020 c10 Steelrain66
Well shit, wonder what Ash will get as his ace for this region now?
5/22/2020 c10 VoteableDuke
Another one of those rare good "a person from our world goes to the Pokemon world" stories. I can't wait for more.
5/22/2020 c10 OrigamiGuyII
nicely done. i enjoy it when trainers convince pokemon rather than brute force it all the time.
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