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for Borne Of Caution

5/13/2020 c9 charly22salazar
I love this story man... keep them comming
5/13/2020 c9 Flygar
Honestly one of my favorite fanfics, already re-read all 9 chapters (at this time) twice.
5/13/2020 c9 2Tairais
I've really been loving this story, the concept is really cool and I like the way you aren't really sugarcoating the fact that Lee has trauma. I really love how you've incorporated the moments of culture shock too. That's really interesting to read.
5/13/2020 c9 4SoralTheSol
It is called "Real animals are scarier and meaner than pokemon." An Ursarang will toss you ass of teakettle, a grizzly bear will eat your fucking face.
5/13/2020 c9 Clark the Lion 8181
I usually don't like information dump's but this was interesting because it was more then just guesswork it is highly likely to be possible I usually don't like Pokemon story's because thay can be really boring just go somewhere fight someone or something go somewhere else and then repeat the process you actually use realistic information.
5/13/2020 c9 1buterflypuss
good chapters
5/13/2020 c9 linksoldcap
Ahhhh I swear I could read anything you write and be completely enthralled! Absolutely love your way of describing the world of pokemon beyond the normal battle system as well.
Those littlle details like the lucario with the toolbelt and the like just add to it for me!

Love whatcha got so fr and hope you keep it up I'll be watching for updates no matter how long it takes 3 3
5/13/2020 c9 avid11read11er
Nice chapters!
5/13/2020 c9 7MagicWarriorDragon
Those logs almost feel like something a main character would find in the future in a long-abandoned lab, worn down by time, leading to the hero gaining a new understanding and kick-starting a new power set for the plucky protagonist along with a mystery as they try to track down more mysterious records of this past trainer. I loved it. The poor professor though lol. Thanks for writing!
5/13/2020 c9 IceBlack
Lovely chapter. I like the extra details and summary of the situations Lee goes through. Thank you for the chapter . Brich's confusion and Lee's conclusions of certain actions makes this so interesting.
5/13/2020 c9 stormking92
another great few chapters. always looking forward to when you can update more. don't forget to take the time you need, I (and i hope others) can wait for updates with good chapters like these.
5/13/2020 c9 AdamAperture
moar plz this is gud
5/13/2020 c2 Rake1810
The start of this story is BRUTAL and despite the punch to the gut I love it. Too many SI/OC stories have the character give a one sentence ‘boohoo’ about the situation and then never mention it again. He clearly has PTSD (kinda understandable) and I don’t feel like you’re gonna forget it. Excellent writing.
5/13/2020 c9 Rake1810
Excellent chapter
5/13/2020 c9 10Alien-kun. Verified hyooman
I wonder what he did differently too. Is it plot armor? Eh, maybe not. I hope you're better than pulling that card.

So, I have a method when making reviews: Hit (something I liked), Miss (something I didn't like) and Wish (something I'd like to see).

Hit: These logs are awesome, and I love the way the Lee rationalizes things... or at least tries to. It's very relatable.

Miss: Nothing against your way of doing things, but... had I been the one writing this, I would've put the logs at the end of their respective chapter instead of dumping them all here. Again, this is fine too, I'm just saying. Do as you prefer, it's just a small peeve of mine. Nothing major.

Wish: If what Birch said is true, then I'd really like to know how is it that Lee is so different from anyone else there? Is it due to being from Earth, his different approach, or something completely different? I'm probably overthinking this, but gods do I love this story!
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