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4/10/2020 c6 Ribbitfroggy
Excellent story, you even have decent pacing. Many Pokemon inserts I’ve found have exceptionally poor planning, and poor pacing. Far too many jump straight into the journey, without bothering to get any education at all, like they will just magically know everything they need to know about caring for many strange creatures that they have only seen in games! Others will often get bogged down in training, so they either never leave, or when they finally leave, they are too op and never seem to expand their team.
Your story looks to have avoided those pitfalls! You probably should add a new mon or two in the near future, but that could be held off for a few more chapters.
4/7/2020 c1 Fredrich
Hey man. Great writing and stay safe during cOVID.
4/5/2020 c6 TheSummerSet
Fun story, would be cool to see Lee try to placate another fully evolve pokemon but have to resort to catching it instead and end up way outta his league
4/4/2020 c6 3intata
God damn it. I need more of this pronto.

Seriously though, I hope your muse is still around. This is gold.

Only issue is that the title of the story isn't exactly memorable. I don't want to get an email, and be like, "What was this story again?"

And that's my ONLY issue. I usually have a lot of them. This is adorable and fantastic. As long as you don't go pokephila, this will continue to be an amazing story.
4/2/2020 c6 Guest
Please please please, i beg you to update ! Great story, love it!
3/30/2020 c1 Oblivious IJ
*Opens Pokemon Glazed and stares at sky* Damnit Kim! Stop testing and start shooting Damnit! I will have my team Mega!

3/28/2020 c6 9marsolino
I really like this story and where it’s going
3/27/2020 c6 Aera Fairy Light
oh my this is certainly amazing, I don't have word to describe in this but this story to me is exactly how if one of us is being transport to the world of Pokémon, as an animal lover we will feel very conflict about the health and well being animal but pokemon is not animal, animal is like glass, fragile while pokemon they stood solid like iron perfectly like a sword to use the different is they have feeling while sword doesn't. It is good and amazing story you got there. Good job I can't wait to see the next adventure with Leeco. Thanks for the chapters you give, take care for your healthy AuthorSorry if my grammar have a mistake, English is not my first language.
3/26/2020 c6 Deal With Itt
really liking the story, looking forward to his 2nd pokemon
3/26/2020 c2 Deal With Itt
Really great start
3/25/2020 c6 Telepath98
I love this story. My ghash, the details and the way you wrire. are you reallg a zoology? Teach me master!

Anyway, again cant help but show my adoration for your writing style. This story deserves more likes and favorites!
3/20/2020 c6 3Tendragos
This is a great concept! I think most people who deal with real animals (dangerous or not) would have a leg up in that world. (I've raised a number of animals, even did the whole horse-whispering thing for a while in one case. (Either that horse is STILL terrified of me, after fifteen years of never hurting him or he figured out he can get out of work for a while if he plays frightened.)) I hope you get Lee some of the critters that remind him of his old job, luxray, persian, etc.

Anyways, loved this story, thanks for writing! Nothing wrong with fan-fiction if it's well-written, and this certainly is!
3/7/2020 c6 Kyaw Sithu Hein
One of the best pokemon fic. This is easily the top ten.
I love how you fit in the SI realistically. Please update soon.
3/5/2020 c6 1HazedMemory
I most definitely enjoyed how his skills from the past came into play!
3/5/2020 c6 Dio Genus
This is easily my favourite pokemon fic and I seriously cannot wait for the next chapter.
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