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11/29/2019 c2 Guest
11/29/2019 c1 Guest
Really like the concept of rebirth after nuke warfare
11/30/2019 c5 1Kauris Azurai
Loved the Entire Chapter.

The Lab-Trainers as police-intermediary-disaster-early-response-teams is genius and I love it!

I also adored the interactions and level of detail. spot on job.

the telepathic interplay is well described and I'm very curious to see how it evolved as Vulpix gets better at it and eventually evolves.
11/30/2019 c5 Silk and Sun
First thing, don't worry too much about the pacing of the story. Since you're right at the beginning, it's perfectly fine to take as much time as you want to flesh out your characters, as well as show off how the world you're making functions. Later, of course, the story would need to pick up, once Lee realizes the real responsibilities he has, and that can be a major motivation for your character, as well as a strong guidance for your story, if that's where you want to take it. The later and later into your story you get, the harder it will be to slow the pace back down, so take as much advantage of it as you can.

But this is only my opinion, and this is your story, so you do what you feel like.

Second, I honestly thought at first Vulpix getting Drought was a little weird. From a games standpoint, I don't remember Emerald having Hidden Abilities, but I was willing to just chalk that up to convenience and that it was an emulator. At the same time though, I thought Drought was a little overpowered at the beginning here. Then you introduced the pyrokinesis, and Flash Fire would quickly turn into Vulpix setting everything on fire, then absorbing it all as a boost, which would be even more OP. So, kudos on that. Very excited to see what Vulpix can do with Fire Spin, or since Sword and Shield lets Vulpix learn Heat Wave via TM, it'd be interesting to see how it interacts with both Drought and her pyrokinesis.
11/30/2019 c5 doomqwer
good to see another chapter of this as it is an interesting story i do wish you would update more as it is interesting to see a more pragmatic main character so keep up the good work
11/30/2019 c5 1Rich-Kun
I’m generally not one for reviews (which I know is what drives writers and creators but I’m pretty introverted) but this story is something that deserves a good review, your slow builds and attention to detail when it comes to the characters feelings and the building of relationships between both humans and Pokémon is something to be praised, when the new chapter (5) came out I re read the entire story so that it was fresh in my mind going into the new chapter and I can tell it won’t be the 1st time I do it, i was captivated from the first word and hope this story continues into the future, thank you for a excellent read!
11/30/2019 c5 3Artful Lounger
Well, one Mudkip won't help much against a burning building. Although Vulpix might be surprisingly helpful depending on how well she can figure out controlling flames. Of course being able to control fire means being able to put it out on command. But doing that on a burning Pokemon Center seems like a bit much for her at this point.

Honestly, I'm kind of wondering if Lee is going to inadvertently turn into Hoenn's version of Gary in terms of being another Pokemon trainer who's always one step ahead of Ash, to the point where every time Ash gets to a new town he hears 'oh yeah we met Lee, he was great, he solved this huge crisis and got the gym badge and moved on, you just missed him.'
11/30/2019 c5 Nikkless
and thx for the chap.
Good work.
Waiting for the next chapter
11/30/2019 c5 Nikkless
shiny ralts is one cool pokemon. and milotic is cool as well
11/29/2019 c5 8Delathen
PTSD Lee is best trainer. Dude's such a mix of a scaredy-cat and a genuinely altruistic guy that reading him work through his contradictions is wonderful.

Vulpix is good for him, at the very least as good for him as he is for her. She's going to have a backlog of unfilled therapy bills to shred by the end of this, I think.

Wonderful reasoning on Shroomish's entry to the party. I like fics like this, which take a slightly more nuanced view of the journey without devolving to full grimdark. The only other fic that comes immediately to mind like yours is Traveler, and I hope you take that as the high praise it is meant as.

I wonder if Lee realizes just how much the enigmatic master he comes off as to Brendan. There is literally not a thing he could do to make following him more appealing to the boy.

Wondering about future team composition, I imagine Lee's going to want a water type sharpish after dealing with the fire here, and possibly a rock or ground type of some description. That they would make excellent sparring partners for Vulpix to improve with would only add to this. I don't know Hoenn's pokedex at all, so I couldn't say who might fit the bill. Someone a little more energetic and youthful than Vulpix, I think, to balance out the maturity combo she and Lee have going. Being put into the position of a disciplinarian will probably teach Lee more about the new world he's in that just about anything, same as raising a child teaches parents about patience and maturity.

Brendan somewhat fills that role, but Vulpix is not directly involved with him and while Lee feels a degree of responsibility, he very much treats Brendan as his own master.

I wonder if adding a much older and more experienced pokemon would be beneficial or exceedingly foolish at this point. Lee needs the mental flexibility that comes from either loyalty or youth to really excel, and butting heads with a willful 'mon that's seen it all is unlikely to be a pleasant - or productive - experience for all concerned.

That said, it would hopefully finalize the bridge Lee is building between Earth animals and Pokemon. There is a degree of communication and common ground between Pokemon and their humans that you don't see in our world, and I love how exploring that is so much of the core tenant of this fic. It's what keeps a lot of reading in this fandom long after we've outgrown the age group for the games and anime, and is still rife with themes to explore.

And as a final note, here's hoping Vulpix hits the next breakthrough with her pyrokinesis in attempting put out the fire in the Pokemon Center.

'til next time!
11/29/2019 c5 2Seeker7246
Excellent. decent plot progression, world building and some character development.

my only complaint would be that you ended it here and that's just because I really want to see what happens next.

love the reluctantly heroic protagonist
11/29/2019 c5 1EchoTheHybrid
This is excellent!
11/29/2019 c4 EchoTheHybrid
I was wondering if you could pm me Lees description as I have a hard to visualizing him.
11/29/2019 c5 jivablab
So great to see an update. Please keep more coming soon.
11/29/2019 c4 Mangoose
Man, it's so unfair for Lee to be such a good motivational coach.

Also, I think you meant to say 'Birch' instead of 'Bitch.' :P
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