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11/8/2019 c4 5sachin6291
Pokemon is a very long story with over 1000 episodes to it's name and the way things are going there most likely will be 1000 more to come.
What I'm trying to say is that you cannot take 4 chapter and 30k words just at Littleroot Town, well you can it's your story but just how long are you trying to make the story, if it is too long you might end up giving up be it for laizyness, lack of creativity or simply end burning up. Isn't it better to pace up the story a bit and go faster.
By the way could you add ralts to Lee's team
10/30/2019 c3 Guest
One of the non degenerate fanfics
Thank jah
Perhaps treecko
(Female because no homo)
10/30/2019 c4 Helixical
Having an adult run around with a bunch of tweenagers would be super weird, so I hope you don't go that route.
10/29/2019 c1 jivablab
This fic has definitely caught my attention. Looking forward to more chapters soon hopefully.
10/29/2019 c4 Ciel Blaze
I just found this fic and I like how ur taking the time to properly integrate with the Pokémon world. And not suddenly become a dominant trainer. Good job
10/27/2019 c1 Mal
Dude, this is awesome! You've taken a kinda cliche plot and partner pokemon, and made them something new and wondrous. I adore this. Well, mostly. lol I don't much adore death and pain. But that was a depressing, scary, realistic touch. eep.

But back to the happy bits... the level of detail and his observations are just right! not too much, not too little. I love how he interacts with pokemon.

Wow. I think I'm gonna enjoy this story. I'm so thankful for favorites lists right now, because that's how I found your fic.

10/25/2019 c4 3coldblue2015
I found this on The Straight Elf own Favorite Stories and I checked it out.

You blew my mind with such a awesome story! :)

Lee Henson:

I'm just going to call this character just Lee. The build up and origin of this character is unique. Surviving a Nuclear Apocalypses is interesting and Zoologist/Zoo Keeper is interesting skill that will be helpful with Pokémon Team/World. It rather interesting to read that Lee is manage to find a NEW life in Sinnoh or Hoenn Region and just trying to live a new life. Lee is still dealing with Trauma and I kind of hope that Lee character actual own UNIQUE Team for his Pokémon. Professor Birch is really interesting alley for Lee to have. Lee has been GRINDING his Vulpix power levels up and making sure she hundred percent healthy from his experience with Zoo. Lee figuring out that this Pokémon Universe is mix with the Cartoon and Game. What I like most about Lee? Well, I do like the Nuclear Burns that Lee got, because it constant reminder that he used to live in world where Pokémon was Fantasy/Game, until it became its new reality/life.


I have to admit, I love Vulpix. She has slight power-up with Psychic abilities and Pyrokinesis to use to grow stronger. Vulpix has the ability to become on the strongest her species ever. Vulpix knows Lee is looking out for her best interests and was worried for Vulpix to actually battle with each other. Still, Vulpix is actually going to best friend for Lee for comfort and finding his way into this world. I just wonder how Vulpix will manage Lee Pokémon team that they will build up together.


1) Should we Lee Pokémon Team to be based on Logic or on his personality?

2) Will we expect Lee to explore other Pokémon Regions?

3) Are we going to read Lee get either Mudkip or Treecko?

4) Any chances Lee will find Items during his Journey through Hoenn or Sinnoh?


1) I already feel that Lee needs to get Ghost Pokémon, just for the trauma and fear he gained from surviving a Nuclear Apocalypse. Still, a logic part of me think Lee has to get a Water Pokémon that large enough to travel, if Lee can't get Cruise Tickets to go on Cruise Ship. Anyway, this is interesting to read what KEY members of Pokémon will be on Lee team. Not to mention how Lee will use his experience with Zoo to take care of his animals.

2) Besides going Pokémon Trainer, I figure Lee will actually explore other Pokémon Regions. It rather interesting to see what Lee would do in Kanto, Johoto, Kalos or Aola Regions. I'm still confused if Lee is in Hoenn or Sinnoh Regions, but I'm guessing Hoenn Region. It going to be interesting to see Lee him explore Pokémon Regions, battling other trainers for Money and exploring this new world around him.

3) Hmmm. I think Treekco for a powerful Grass Type, but Mudkip would be great to have for Water Type for Lee to use. It rather interesting to read how Lee would manage either STARTERS conditions and actually be interesting to look at Lee past with either Lizards or Aquatic animals. I have to admit, it would be interesting to see what animals Lee had experience in the past.

4) That would be cool. Sort of like Lee finds Nugget or Pearl to make easy fortune. Not to mention finding Evolution Stones, Rare Candy or even TMs to improve his Pokémon. It really would be interesting if Game Elements did come into "Borne Of Caution" for Lee to find and exploit the situation. Besides living in what Lee thought was a fantasy, it would be great to read Lee actually use benefit to his advantage.

Keep up the good work and thanks for updating!
10/25/2019 c4 CoreXbeatdown
Great story! I know having dyslexia isn’t fun, but keep going and you could make a living off of commissions from this who knows. Not the most stable but if this is what’s fun for you then why not make a living just don’t forget about the little people when you get famous.
10/23/2019 c4 foxsadist712
I gotta be honest, it has been a while since I've found a new Pokemon story on here that's actually any good. I am excited to see where this one goes
10/23/2019 c4 2John Patrick Ryan Sr
I am really loving your story so far. Very good work.
10/21/2019 c4 Ashborn2271
It’s a really amazing idea, maybe you can include a system to judge a Pokemon’s power instead of basing it on their level. Theirs another Pokemon fanfic with a reincarnated mc where a Pokemon’s power is based by a classification titles. It’s called Pokemon a mystical journey. It’s got a lot of details hopefully you read it. Otherwise great job going good. Keep up the good work
10/21/2019 c4 Guest
Incredibly well written story, love the details you inject, making the world you are trying to build really feel alive.
This is starting to remind me of Traveler, and that means only good things for that story is the greatest fic on this site imo.
Continue on this route and you'll have something really good in your hands.
10/19/2019 c4 Guest
Fuck yeah new chapter
10/21/2019 c4 8Delathen
Yes. Yes he is in far over his head, and likely only going to get worse.

After all, his adorable Vulpix is going to be facing down Groudon and Kyogre if I remember my generations right. So, that's fun

Another great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
10/21/2019 c3 Delathen
I like this. "I so special" OCs are a dime a dozen, but you're doing well in making Lee a likable person on top of the rest of it, and having his backstory actually align with his (so far) special abilities.

And Vulpix is just the sweetest thing. She's going to be making Legends bow to her.
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