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5/30 c26 ChangeMe4574
Yay for more pokemon battles
5/30 c26 random reader768
You know, it's going to be really hard to escape the "main character bullshit" in a world that has a whole system rigged for letting kids play out their power fantasies.

I share Lee's curiosity on the concept of pokemon who can talk. That Chatot was only saying pre-recorded lines, but what would be a good strategy to teach a pokemon to speak the human language? How might a pokemon who mastered such a skill think and act differently?
5/30 c26 2Ferno16
I'm so happy this got updated. Thank you for the chapter.
5/30 c26 Sukaleska
Nice chapter as always x)

I wonder if chatot would have a easier time to learn to speak human then the other pokemons, looking at you meowth!

I'm surprised they autorise pokemon's out of their ball, a mean, a psychic type could definitely broke the games, right? Or they are expecting that everyone is kind enought to not do that lol, pokemon universe, etc...

What i think vulpix said about zinnia: " I really think you should have told her to leave the group."
Well, I think she's the incarnation of some of the reviews who are holding grudges lol, she has the right to be mad, but I think Zinnia deserve a second chance :o although if she's being annoying again then just let the fox roast her literally x) (I still believe in the ship lee/zinnia thought haha)

Heh, I would have expected more difficulties for the battles too, but with luck, Lee just fought simple civilians and no good trainers, a logical winning x)

Damn a totally forgot about that Scott dude lol, thanks for the miracle seed x)

Zinnia is my spiritual animal when it comes to money xD

Wasn't there the pokemon movie with jirachi and Groudon in the town they just left, or its the next one? Don't remember

That was a fun reading, waiting for the next chapter x)

Keep up the great work ;D
5/30 c26 1itsMARWIE
Nicely done.
5/30 c26 Jack1nTheBox
hehe, even when I thought you wouldn't put her in you still managed to add some cute shinx.

great chapter, I'm especially enjoying Vulpix's development, I'm curious what going on with here though I already have a few theories, none of which I'm sure of.

keep up the great work and I hope to see more soon!
5/30 c26 Mrjl
Ralmon, yeah keep bit**ing about things why don't you? Funny how you came up with all these problems when you haven't even made a Fanfiction yourself. Why don't you give it a try before you start acting like a self-centred, hypocritical fool. See how "easy" it is for you when you are the one attempting to write a fictional work with more than just a (as you would callGary Sue" MC.
It's always easy being a keyboard warrior. Hiding behind a computer screen, complaining this and that when you, yourself can't do better.

Oh, I'm sorry did I hurt a certain someone's pride and ego? Go cry me a river why don't you?

In addition, are you addicted to Zinnia as a character or something? Cause every single sentence you add always have the word "Zinnia". Or are you just extremely sexist?
Furthermore, no one cares about your long ass reviews, especially since you don't even understand the definition of a "Gary/Mary Sue" is. Go and do your research before blabbing out crap.

In conclusion: your review pointless with a very bias view. Basically a waste of time and space.
5/30 c26 Muhammad Ibrahim Faisal
MATE again thanks a lot for this amazing chapter
I loved it and I love how our man interacts with the Pokemon
Just I love this fic man
5/30 c26 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
seem protag luck is a hunting the mc again :D
nice reward for wining the matches in the battle tent
still the frontier is a final challenge for a full team so a long way of for the mc he needs some heavy hitters for that
5/30 c26 Daniel-palacio
The chapter was very good and I look forward to the next one.
5/30 c26 Deal With Itt
Good chapter maybe since he likes electronic Pokemon he'll get a Eevee and find a Thunder Stone.
I hope the next chapter comes out soon.
5/29 c26 Kitsune No Hi 75
Nice chapter!
5/29 c26 TheRisingSpoon
Lee doesn't have friends he has family.
5/29 c26 Ralmon
"Dodge left!" Lee cries, keeping his voice loud and commands short just as Zinnia drilled into him.


Previously Lee goes like this:

"Corvi! Swift!" Lee cries out in reply.

'Shit! No!' Lee's eyes widen. "Corvi! Taunt!"

Clearly, Lee does keep his voice loud and commands short, unless he uses something like telephaty with Vulpix or gives out more complex tactics.

On the other hand, we Tyson who Zinnia have praised as an exemplay battler:

"Catch and punish him, Donphan!" Tyson's mouth is moving before the last syllable of Lee's order is even out of his mouth.

"Deflect and punish with Fire Fang!" Tyson orders the instant before Grovyle swings.

Huh! Tyson is till exemplar to Zinnia despite doing stuff contrary to her advice.

Zinnia meanwhile:

"Shelgon, use Dragon Pulse!" Zinnia laughs, her bloodthirsty grin on full-blast.

"Shelgon! Rollout! Finish Mightyena off!" Zinnia starts the battle again, pointing to the dark canine.

"Scary Face, then Dragon Pulse!" Zinnia orders. "Go, Shelgon!"

"Shelgon, we're taking the offensive! Headbutt!" Zinnia orders with a pointed finger.

Huh! Zinnia doesn't follow her own advice herself!

It still stings a little, remembering how casual and verbose the dragon tamer was with Bagon in their first battle.

Well, at least it was recognized what a hypocrite Zinnia is being with her advice. I also loved the fact that this story kinda recognizes that Zinnia saying sorry and acting all nice doesn't really negate all the awful things that she have done before, especially with Vulpix which she doesn't actually even try to fix things with her.

Thanks god this story have tried to stop kissing her Mary Sue ass. Let us see how long that stays before it does start fawnig over her again.

The man looks up at Zinnia, who has her hands cupped against the glass to help her voice carry through. "Evo stones are a portental prize! Don't let this go!"

Uhm. How?:

Many of them are cheering and seemingly hollering, but the window allows almost no noise into the ring. It takes only a second to spot Brendan, Zinnia, and their released pokemon, who found seats close to the window.

First, the glass clearly eliminates even the loudest noise. Lee could not have been able to hear Zinnia that clearly even if she does that. And second, even then, unless Zinnia have a very powerful megaphone, she should not be able to overpower the rest of the crowd, cupping against the glass or not. She has to compete with everyone else after all. How could she be louder than the rest of the crowd?

Unless the crowd is quite? That just doesn't make sense.

"In all seriousness, well done, Dolittle." Zinnia steps in with a smile. "All the pokemon here are roughly on par with each other, and you took three wins pretty skillfully. The matches were... a little dull, but that's more because the low level trainers and low level 'mons rather than you." She easily ignores the ugly looks from a few people in the elevator, one of them Maybelle, the first trainer that Lee denied a win. "You've already got the bond thing down, and now you're on track to be..." She pauses for some reason, red eyes looking away in thought for a moment. "Worthy of some really amazing stuff."

Uh! Can't this story stop being so cringe? I know that Zinnia needs to earn more social brownie points but could you tone it down.


I give this chapter this: it doesn't kiss Zinnia's ass that much. It tones down things a bit; not much, but it is not in the level of cringe it have in the previous chapters.

Guess I could say that this story is starting to recover? The author doesn't seem to be that desperate to force Zinnia on to us (though he still do) and reverse our opinions of her. The author apparently wants us to like Zinnia, then why the Chapter 18? That was a giant head-scratcher that one.

Whatever. The story kinda improves, even if it is just a bit. That is to be thankful for.
5/29 c26 29Engineer4Ever
Nice update and wow, Scott really shows what he's all about here. I frankly love it. Seriously, we never see items in the Anime used all that much, which is a shame bc it's only the mega stones. Keep up the fantastic work and loving the team building, just so flipping sweet! XD
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