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for Borne Of Caution

6/2 c27 Abn
Love the caring of the pokemon!
Also could we have more Corvisquire please? That bird is so angry. All. The. Time.
I love it, it's hilarious.
6/2 c27 Lix
lovely as always
keep up the great work
we appreciate you taking the time out of your busy life to write this
6/2 c2 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Excellent work with the emotions and complete existential dread.
6/2 c1 TheGreatBubbaJ
Interesting. Though I can help but wonder if the starter was inspired by a certain PlagueOfGripes video...
6/2 c27 1hellion117
Oh man I am loving this..
Now we just need a nosy psychic to dig through his mind... oh man I can *Feel* the horror
6/2 c27 1Joepart5
I curious what lee looks like. I wish there was a picture of it.
6/2 c27 2V01dSw0rd
I wonder if it will be noted that the frequency of Evolutions occurring around Ash is abnormal?

Have you read Ashes of the Past? It handled the Delta Episode in an interesting way!
6/2 c26 V01dSw0rd
Doesn’t Corphish shoot from its claws in the anime?
“Are a POTENTIAL prize”

So, spark fries planted, but not sprouted, seeds... makes sense.

As soon as an opening comes up, ask Ash “How many Legendaries have you met?”

Lee should’ve asked if Scott has checked out Ash!
6/2 c27 ArchDuke-1
A double feature? Not gonna complain.

Also I really hope that Zinnia doesn’t go an misinterpret the prophecy for Lee to be the one of a shell not of this sun, though I don’t think you’re going that way.
6/2 c27 1Sho-chan19
This update felt bittersweet but sweet nonetheless. I really felt that, with Zinnia's thoughts then Lee telling her his life... it felt emotional.

Thank you for this wonderful update!
6/2 c27 Kuma Dzurui
Awesome. Keep up the awesomeness and stay safe.
6/2 c27 Muhammad Ibrahim Faisal
Amazing lore chapter Mate
It tells a lot about zinnia btw when can we know what is happening with Vulpix is she in heat?
6/1 c27 dragonballaca
Bro Lee and Zinnia really need to Smash... One day one day.
6/1 c27 Guest
Zinnia need a good night with Lee, but probably Vulpix burn her for jealousy.
6/1 c27 7hanatos
Title drop!
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