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6/3 c16 KiriHibiko
ARGHH! I just hate this SIMPY MC! Why would you scramble for answers and lie when you don‘t owe her any answers in the first place! Just grow a pair and tell Zinnia to shut up and to stop annoy him. Or she should just f*ck off altogether! This Mc seriously behaves like a twelve-year old would when speaking to a girl the first time! Man up, you useless f*ck, I thought you were an adult in your last life? What kind of adult let’s himself be bugged all the time! What kind of masochistic sub do you have to be to not even stand up for yourself and tell someone to stop annoying you?! A MATURE ADULT should be able to express himself!
6/3 c11 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Seems the bird has an interesting history. Quite the flex winning with nothing but type disadvantaged critters.
6/3 c7 KiriHibiko
Yeah, sure just let a total stranger follow you on a journey in a foreign land, while training to keep your secrets?! Does it get any dumber than this?! Just go to the police and file for a prohibition of approach if she doesn‘t leave you alone! God, how I hate this cliche of some overbearing b*tch just taging along without this SIMP-MC doing anything!

Pls, if these are your ideas for a GOOD story, maybe just drown yourself and end it now...
6/3 c7 KiriHibiko
This story is a mess. The MC is a walking pile of unresolved traumas and has a submissive personality that irks me massively. All this cliche-character-flaws are way too much! He can’t look left or right without getting flashbacks and breaking down on the spot. Way too unoriginal for my taste. He also doesn‘t seem to stand up for himself at all. I mean who cares where he got the info about Zinnias Clan?! Why would he owe her an explanation?! Just tell her to fuck off, really dude just grow a pair! Her being a woman doesn‘t mean you have to grovel by her feet because she says so! What‘s up with authors these days, that they like their characters weak-willed and without backbone?! You aren‘t strong just because you somehow survive in a dangerous situation, that‘s just survival instincts. Standing up for yourself is way more of an indicator of strength.

The ONLY good part of this story are the Pokemon, the rest is just exhausting to read with all this forced character-development and feminism-crap going on.
6/2 c10 TheGreatBubbaJ
Quite the crew just like that. And good riddance to meta knowledge, considering he is in a mishmash. How does Vulpix's memory of already beating Roxanne factor into things anyways?
6/2 c9 TheGreatBubbaJ
Buckle up prof, this is only the start.
6/2 c8 TheGreatBubbaJ
Fun little aside to show their travelling life.
6/2 c7 TheGreatBubbaJ
Interesting tagalong they've wrangled.
6/2 c6 TheGreatBubbaJ
Neat event, and well resolved.
6/2 c5 TheGreatBubbaJ
The shroomish is something I wonder about, how will our lad handle plant and insect pokemon?
6/2 c4 TheGreatBubbaJ
And so the gaggle appears.
6/2 c27 2StormLord654
awesome chapters, thank you. I really enjoy this story
6/2 c3 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Getting right into the game changing fun stuff eh?
6/2 c27 2StormLord654
awesome chapters, thank you. I really enjoy this story
6/2 c27 Scoolio
Casual title drop. Loving this fic man.
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