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8/1 c7 35Crystal Draculura Bloodsucker
Oh no! Oh my god, no! Shadow is stuck in the freezer, and Tails arm is stuck in the machine! The power is out again, and some imposter Sonic is attacking Rouge, Manic, Sally, and Amy! What's gonna happen next?!
7/31 c7 64GuardianDragon98
Seriously, Queen Aleena, WHY did you keep such a dangerous game?
7/31 c7 11FaithMcKoy
Shit just got real. That's all I really have to say.
7/31 c7 7Fortune Spirit
Cliffhangers; Oh how I love and hate them at the same time!
Such a tense chapter, I can't wait to see what you've got planned for the next!
Hope you're all doing well!
7/2 c6 Tolkam
Finally got around to reading this story again. It's so...thrilling? Very intense and has some dark elements without being a full-on horror fic. Can't wait for the next chapter.
6/5 c6 jessicashadow
I'm happy to see a new chapter of this story, I can't wait to find out what happens next!
5/30 c6 Shaddy's
Me encanta tu historia soy nueva escribiendo opiniĆ³n y espero que se publique y no solo desaparezca pero realmente amo esta historia!
5/20 c6 3numberjacksoctonauts
I am truly surprised by this fanfiction. I don't normally read M rated fanfictions because they are unnecessarily over the top most of the time, but this is going really well so far. Everyone's in character, the tone is consistent throughout (okay, maybe Sally's not quite up to scratch), but there's some touching moments sprinkled in it as well. Sonadow's been a guilty pleasure ship of mine, so that's a bonus.
5/2 c6 GreenCauldron08
Ohhh, poor Tails... and poor Knuckles...
Also, I don't think the game should be allowed to endanger Blaze when she had nothing to do with Shadow's dare. I call foul!
5/2 c6 7Fortune Spirit
Wonderful as always.
That nice, kind of peaceful moment between Sonic and Shadow was sweet, and the conversation between the others about using humour as a coping mechanism was a nice touch. I certainly know a few friends who do that. It works for some, and I definitely agree with Sonia that it won't work for others.
Can't wait for the next chapter, and I'm glad you're finding it easier with help.
You and your team are fantastic, and I hope you're all doing well!
5/2 c6 11FaithMcKoy
Can't wait for next update!
5/1 c6 64GuardianDragon98
And the game continues to f*** with everyone. Seriously, why did Queen Aleena keep such a cursed game in the castle?
5/1 c6 3MelGamingPlays
Nah, man. The game is playing with them. It's just gonna get worse. Well, the metal compressor might do more damage to Tails' arm rather than giving it a fracture. Cuz, you know, the game is toying with them, enjoyed making them suffer(pulling on my heart-stringDamn.. Blaze must be freezing tho. I'd say anything being put in the freezer would freeze eventually. It's not good for actually living being to stay trapped in there. They'll die. The freaking game man...I hate it. They had to play by its rules if not there'll be consenquences. Just thinking of the punishment the game is playing with them sending shivers down my spine... jeez...
4/26 c1 Merlikuty
sorry to post this here but i didn't know where else i could do it so.. here we are, a little late but yeah.
i think what you said in your last account was totally brave and true.
sometimes people can be really cruel and it pains me that some authors just _stop_ writing even noticing that they really like what they are doing.
your stories are some of my favorites, even the ones i noticed you have taken down. you get what i really like about sonic and others, making them more than just bilateral characters or different like the fandom made them to be.
thanks for making these and take care for this hards times
4/20 c5 Guest
Poor Sonic :(
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