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7/26 c2 10Zannna
I'm loving this so far! Angsty of course, do to subject matter. But I love the connection between Harry and Luna, and that Luna is no longer alone.
Also Moody aprox: 'Are there any other students missing?!'
Dumbles: 'Uh, no.'
Dumbledore WtF?
Like, is this general cluelessnes, or malicious tampering? How are they missing a missing Luna?!
Also, also; Please tell me that Cho et al get what's coming to them! I have a serious hate-on for bullys, especially when they are this horrible.
I look forward to updates! (as they come [in the fullness of time lol] I'm NOT demanding them!)
7/23 c2 SLYNNR
6/22 c2 InCK
how many years will it take until next chapter comes out?
4/30 c2 Shadow Crimson KyuubiAcnoligia
Love the story so far can't wait till next update
4/25 c2 Vanadir
A sad tale but a good one
4/17 c2 lokyyt
more please keep typing and please reply
4/16 c2 Wolfric
Fine chapter. Thanks for writing. W.
4/14 c2 2imgonnadie
Excellent story so far. Please do continue to write.
4/13 c2 3Mmars69
Poor Luna. I hope Hermione comes in soon, Luna could sure use a female friend as loyal and caring as Harry in her life and so could Hermione. Hermione could help Luna even more than Harry because she has had some of the same things in her life, a distinct lack of good friends, or in fact, any friends.
4/10 c2 1FreeTraderBeowolf
This has to be one of the most emotionally draining works that I have read in quite some time. That you managed to write this in a way that wasn't pandering or exploitive is a testament to how well it was done. Through both chapters I was able to connect with both Harry and Luna. Luna's descent into a suicidal mindset flows naturally from the setting. It will be very interesting to see just where you take this. To see if you can navigate from here towards the mental healing of both Harry and Luna, without either dragging it out or rushing it. Dragging it out would become to repetitive, and rushing it would make it lose its meaning and significance.

And make no mistake, I am certain that you will have as part of the plot, both Harry and Luna overcome and heal up from all that has happened to them. And as significant the destruction of Voldemort is, I think having those two overcome their inner demons will be more significant. Their journey will be what keeps the story grounded.
4/10 c2 hunzbookwyrm
Great start hope to see more from you soon.
4/9 c2 Leroys
Please keep writing!
4/9 c2 sandipi
It's so beautiful and tragic. If they could just stay cocooned from reality long enough they might be able to rebuild themselves. Sirius needs to find Harry and take Luna and Harry away to Black Island. Xeno may come and maybe carefully vetted tutors.
Thank you for the new chapter.
4/9 c2 Clive54
What an incredibly moving chapter! You have really explored the feelings of hopelessness many people have felt at sometime in our lives. That is, if we are honest. Some of us find out way out of it on our own, some need help and support to do so. Others are damaged beyond repair, living a life less whole because of it while some end their lives, seeing that as the only way to free themselves from an intolerable existence. I hope those reading your story think about being just a little bit kinder to others, trying to be less hurtful in their words and actions. Being nice to others and getting a smile back make you feel good about yourself, so let's be excellent to each other.
4/9 c2 E.Elliot
I love it!
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