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for His Darkest Devotion

6/17 c1 Guest
Incredible story ! I really liked it
6/10 c45 1ValkSkadi
By about the third paragraph of this story I was hooked. I don't love the soul mate trope but I've also not often seen it used so well. It went way beyond "oh you're my soul mate so there's no shimmer of free will". Just giving that choice back made me right back on board with it. Very cool use of it as a device and i really like everything you added to it. I'm a sucker for a mental bond so very much enjoyed that aspect. I'm fairly sure I've read some of your works before but the two recent ones have both been Harry x Tom and I do really like how you write them. I hope to read plenty more of your work!
5/30 c1 Nightstalker100
I really enjoyed this. A new kind of HP story for me full of twists and turns. Definitely a good read. Is there? Or will there be a shoot off story? Of Sirius journey to find Remus. I think that would be interesting in it's own way. As well as a way to show snippets of the other characters futures lives. just a thought. Thank you for taking the time to write this. eagerly awaiting any future works.
5/29 c20 smartisha101
They deserve life in prison
5/26 c1 Happyrachihp
It's is my most favourite among all my favourite storiesThe character building, story line, the new world building, the whole soul-bond trope everything is superb, i loved it.
Harry and Tom relationship was so great... you have shown their characters so beautifully... their struggle before finding each other, their yearning for their counterparts, and their love for each other after finding... everything feel so precious.
Peter was the best supporting characters...i never thought i will genuinely like Peter in any fanfiction, he will become best headmaster Hogwarts has ever seen
Neville's advise was so crucial for Harry to accept how wrong his parents treatment of him and Tom.
Neville and Luna was awesome like always
Sirius going after Remus shows how much he developed as a character.

Overall superb superb superb story, i don't know how many times i hv read/listen to this story.
Thank you so much, I love all your stories
5/12 c45 HoneyBear84
Loved it
5/3 c45 Wchevskoy
All your stories are so wonderful that it's hard for to put how much they mean to me into words but I finally decided to leave a comment saying it. Thanks for all the incredible stories you write and share!
4/28 c45 SimplyRainbow
Gods, I love the character presentation.
Peter? All time favorite, MVP. He and the elder wand are going places, plus him being a professor was wonderful.
Neville? My best boy, I ADORE him, his relationship with Luna is the tea I needed.
Luna? M , how I love her.
Sirius? That ending with Remus- beautiful. he's grown so much.
Therapy dude? He's chill, me likey.
4/25 c45 2MajaS
This is one of my favourite stories ever. I have a few that I come back to over and over again. This might be one of those.
4/23 c45 Shiaira73
I always get excited when I get notice that you completed a new story because I already know it's going to be fantastic. I don't read stories that aren't done yet on fanfiction only because so many have been abandoned and the story sits uncompleted in my head and it haunts me. So, I wait. Patiently, until my favorite writers can finish their work. Since you are one of the more prolific writers and you have a lot of stories going on at once, I have found I am content to wait for a long time for you to finish one. Once again, you have failed to disappoint. I love this fic and i'm eagerly adding it to my favorites list with so many of your other stories. Thank you, once again, for writing and delivering such a wonderful and unique story. You really are a great writer.
4/21 c45 1mccargos
Excellent story will you write a sequel?
4/21 c45 1Ellie68
Utterly astonishing writing. I loved the conclusion and this touched me in a way so few things have.
4/20 c45 Guest
what a wonderful ride!
4/20 c45 Arina33
Thank you for this wonderful and interesting story
4/20 c45 4Tegasus
That was a really great story! Thanks for posting.
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