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1/19 c5 love of luna
love it!
1/19 c2 Guest
I love it! please, continue writing! it's so good so far, I love the concept!
1/19 c22 SitaraHime
I hope the Author is safe and hopefully they can write more. I love the story line and it’s written so well. I’ve been lurking for almost a year or maybe longer (time has blended to well LoL) reading their stories and loving the distraction. Please write more.
1/16 c22 Adonisx
omg this story is so good! I hope they make their own side in the war filled with logical plans, and then include Harry in it just to shake things up for everyone else.
1/16 c12 Adonisx
omg I forgot how angst Harry is in OoTP. Yikes!
Great story sofar!
1/16 c22 Betty8507
Oh my goodness. What a fabulous story! So well-written, I cannot wait for the next update!
1/13 c22 Guest
I love your story and the way you write. I can’t wait for you to add more to the story.
1/14 c22 Sampdoria
I am totally hooked on this story, brilliant plot!
1/12 c22 4Daughter of Sally Jackson
Please update!
1/9 c22 SoraGranger
Loveee your story! Thank you for sharing.
I'm glad Neville and Luna stay friends. And Harry now I hope. Lacender and Parvati are a very nice surprise.
I hope the Granger keep a place in Hermione's life, and they still see each other in the future.
Teddy is so cute, and it really is sad. He lost her as a child and when he got her back he is immediately losing her to Draco. TwinTime pleaseeee.
I'm looking forward to your next chapter!
12/17/2020 c22 11s m Neal
please come back to this
12/16/2020 c22 6Ninjettey
Love it. Interested to read about how much stronger their magic will be after they fully bond.
12/13/2020 c19 btbasb7
Lovely story, I do hope you update it soon
12/12/2020 c22 nnnnnnnnniamh
I just read the story in one day and am really looking forward to an update
12/8/2020 c22 DelLove16
Please update! This story is soooo amazing
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