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1/17 c31 FireyBells
Gahhhh! Please update more chapters! This is my third time reading through! I just love it<3
1/6 c31 spikeecat
Thanks for the update. I can’t wait for the next chapter.
12/26/2022 c31 Jessicaanderic12
Will you continue the story?
12/12/2022 c31 Rome4
is there going to be more?
12/1/2022 c31 1BlueLilyInDarkness
I’m so very interested to see where we go from here! I can’t wait until the next update
11/2/2022 c31 Callialex
I’m excited to see where this goes and I’m glad you’re back-you write very interesting stories.
9/27/2022 c31 3Evee Edwards
Love love love this! I know you have several fantastic stories in progress (I’ve read and am obsessed with them all), can’t wait for updates! Dramione has always been my favorite ship and the way you write them, in this fic or any other, is amazing. Keep up the great work, I can’t wait to read about Lucius and Tahvo’s hopeful redemption arch.
9/25/2022 c31 gumselund
9/14/2022 c31 nkh1
9/13/2022 c31 Leticia20Paixo
E precisam encenar pro Snape? Ele é aliado do bem :D
Que bom que parecem estar do lado dos filhos. S2
9/13/2022 c31 Green Eyed Lana Lee
Oh my, how I love this story! I'm so glad the "Dads" are going to fix it! It's also going to be complicated, scary and probably overwhelming! Love it!

I can hardly wait to read what happens next!

Happy Writing, Stay Safe And Well!
9/7/2022 c30 1Taylor9901
I can’t wait for more
9/5/2022 c31 AussieSweet
Oh, I'm so happy to see that they put their children first! That's beautiful!
9/5/2022 c30 AussieSweet
Somehow I missed this chapter. And it's such an important one! I can imagine for difficult it was to write it. This is heart wrenching.
9/3/2022 c31 1LadyNorth76
Please update soon!
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