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12/3/2021 c28 Shelbyaleasesmith
Great story!
12/3/2021 c28 1angel897
a emotional but awesome new chapter to read
12/3/2021 c28 adelgado04291
wow was a fast update! Glad they were able to honestly communicate their fears and support each other. It will be interesting to see the different perspectives on the journals. Awesome chapter.
12/3/2021 c28 2wsbenge
They are still going on the assumption Draco is heir of Black. It in Canon is Harry. They need to get involved in a wider network of protection, which nominally includes Harry and some kind of organized resistance.

They need some infrastructure. The Ministry is a mess. They need to move on, it seems.
12/3/2021 c28 1vtgator
I'm glad Hermione just didn't let it go and told him how much he hurt her.
12/3/2021 c25 2wsbenge
I don't know where you plan to go with the plot, but the combined magical / mundane world could be powerful . Tell Tony Blair to have a C-130 gunship drop have on Voldemort, followed by a couple Maverick bunker busters and a few Cruise missiles.

The advances in medicine could be incredible. Space travel with wards and portkeys / apparition could be fantastic.

Just saying. Politics is powerful when combined with financial incentives. :)
12/3/2021 c28 lovedrher
My heart stopped with the last line!
Beautiful 3
Thank you!
12/3/2021 c28 General Mac
wicked thanks love it stay safe and have a great weekend.
12/3/2021 c28 c.karen09
I'm glad they made up, but I think I would have made him suffer for a while longer, seeing as he was so awful. And I'm very curious about what is in those journals, and how it relates to Bellatrix. Thank you for sharing!
12/3/2021 c28 AussieSweet
This was beautiful! Especially Draco's answer about a heart. I'm looking forward to their conclusion about the journals. And their plans about Bella.
12/2/2021 c28 GMGaby
Hermione had a great deal of insight, I’m glad he is not completely off the hook, he was awful but being overwhelmed does give him some leniency.
Great update
12/2/2021 c23 wsbenge
Quite a roller coaster to write. Good job.
12/2/2021 c17 wsbenge
Reading this straight through. Very plausible, Draco is still an arse and better slitherin actor. War is coming, and Hermione needs major support.

Never have liked horcruxes, but it makes the infamous prophecy work if the dark magic has to be removed specifically in Harry. Has to be removed. Mutually exclusive at some point.
12/1/2021 c27 2forjoy
Love this story!
11/30/2021 c27 AussieSweet
Well, some of them have to be more mature. I'm not surprised it's not Draco. Though, I hope, she will make him grovel.
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