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9/1/2022 c31 MotekElm
very nice
8/31/2022 c25 Leticia20Paixo
Pena que pela carência e solidão, Theodore acabe cedendo, rápido, a Hermione. Ela sempre consegue o que quer. Theo poderia arrumar alguém e se afastar, mas duvido que Hermione sinta a distância, tendo Draco por perto, não faria diferença.u.u Pelo menos a mãe ela ouve
8/31/2022 c22 Leticia20Paixo
Os Grangers podem adotar o Theo **) Ele precisa de uma família S2
8/30/2022 c16 Leticia20Paixo
Theo deveria se afastar, já q Hermione só quer saber do dragão e sexo. Como se a era nebulosa em que se encontram permitisse isso õÔ
Poxa, além de preocupação de irmão, o garoto tá sozinho desde que ela foi sequestrada. Sinceramente, a mimada é ela. U.u
8/30/2022 c11 Leticia20Paixo
Pena q a Daisy não tentou ser forte pelo Theo :'( Poxa, ele também era filho dela.
8/27/2022 c31 Guest
Wonderful chapter, I’m always so happy when you update I enjoy this story
8/28/2022 c31 Analena
Hermione/Calla is in a bit of a cleft stick over the two different worlds she inhabits. She wants to protect the loving couple who adopted her from the dangers of the Death Eaters and at the same time her biological parent and godfather are also at risk of Voldemort's wrath. So she's having to walk a very fine line. Excellent chapter!
8/28/2022 c31 3Karatekid-Ninja
Really good chapter. I like how you are approaching the characters. Can’t wait for more xx
8/27/2022 c31 Grovek26
Excellent chapter
8/27/2022 c6 nintschibintschi
wonderful story so far please update soon a new Fan
8/24/2022 c31 Severitus812
Just waiting for the other shoe to drop on their pantomime?
8/26/2022 c31
OK, so no huge revelations, but thank you for dragging out the daddy dearests decision about the kids. that would have been annoying.
8/25/2022 c31 Juvia21
Thank you for all of the updates thus far. I'm really glad that her Wizarding family has decided to try and fix it. I hope that they don't get killed by this decision. She deserves to have the rest of her family by the end of everything.
8/25/2022 c31 4CocoaMoon
Awww hopeful ending to this chapter ️️
8/25/2022 c30 CocoaMoon
Yeah you tell him hermione!
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