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8/25/2022 c29 4CocoaMoon
8/25/2022 c28 CocoaMoon
Im not crying its raining in my bedroom
8/25/2022 c27 CocoaMoon
I snorted so much during this chapter I love that theo found vindication in the tantrum draco threw, I love that draco went from throwing an angry pity party to complete lights out, I love the hermione was like “im literally the only adult here” just great stuff
8/25/2022 c26 CocoaMoon
God I love this story
8/25/2022 c31 21CallaRose4ever
: ) Good I am glad. good chapter. I was a little confused a couple of times, I'm looking forward to more, really enjoying this story.
8/25/2022 c31 adelgado04291
Dum dum da dummm. Good job. Great place to pause. A lovely tension. Glad the leads are working on their relationship and not just following impression and feelings. Hermione especially seems to have been raised with critical thinking skills. I hope what ever plans the dad's are thinking up won't backfire.
8/25/2022 c31 ShamelesslyObsessed
Long awaited but very satisfying chapter. I am so eager for the next installment! Great job, as usual. So engaging.
8/25/2022 c30 1SusanMarieS
thank you
8/25/2022 c31 chapou69
I'm so happy for this new chapter. I love your story. It's one of my favorite.
8/25/2022 c31 1vtgator
Yes! I love the direction this is going, so glad Hermione is still close with her adoptive parents and can count on them!
8/25/2022 c31 1angel897
A heartfelt chapter to read. Thank you for updating again
8/25/2022 c31 annegirl723
I just love this so much. Thank you for this beautiful update!
8/25/2022 c31 Banshee Black
Great chapter. Thank you so much for the update.
8/25/2022 c31 Eliella45
Omg an update on CALLA!
Made me so hap
8/19/2022 c30 6Chalayne
Love Calla’s response to her father and godfather in this chapter. So glad you are writing some again!
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