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for Best Birthday EVER!

10/13 c1 1RightWrong
This is exactly what I needed to read. Thanks for writing )
6/1 c1 HoneyBear84
Love it
12/14/2020 c1 LauraB90
awww that was so cute!
10/4/2020 c1 11stevem1
This is a sweet story. I never did understand H/G or RW/Hr.
9/12/2020 c1 Cassandra30
Happy Birthday, Hermione.
2/16/2020 c1 Guest
Loved "Royal Ward" so I thought I'd investigate your other fics and am thrilled that you're a H/Hr fan too! And what a great little story at only 995 words at that!
12/30/2019 c1 6starlite22
Please continue this, turn it into a full story. Them a avoiding the Weasleys, Sirius staying alive, them helping to keep herr parents alive at black island.
12/23/2019 c1 kimjo2
So sweet! Thanks so much
12/17/2019 c1 hisnhers
sigh! sooooo sweet and lovely!

11/15/2019 c1 4VashonBeader
Love it, love it, love it. I'm not crying, my eyes are just, um sweating. Yeah, sweating.
Very cute. Thank you for writing and sharing.
9/27/2019 c1 noreenklose
I really enjoyed reading this.
I really love stories where "the moRon" and "the fangirl" are aced out of the romance scene.
Thanks for writing.
9/23/2019 c1 hisnhers
That was so sweet!

9/22/2019 c1 PSay
This is a great birthday for Hermione. Harry did a great job. Thanks for a great read. pms
9/22/2019 c1 3alix33
I think the communication mirror so Hermione could, from now on, talk directly to her parents and they to her is the cutest of all her sweet 16 birthday presents.
9/21/2019 c1 10brady66
Beautiful story
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