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9/23 c12 Resurrection99
This was fuckig. great. Holy shit. I enjoyed every second of this. I want more damn it!
9/1 c6 Trainion
Dun dun dunnnnnnn
8/21 c12 ironspike68
Wow, so not where I expected that story to go, but what a ride! Completely enjoyed it.
8/13 c12 32Jake Crepeau
Okay, I'll admit I had my doubts about this story at first. Jurassic Park I with Harry Potter stuck on the island with everybody else. I've seen several of those; some of them really were nothing more than JP I with Harry as an extra "victim." You took it in an entirely different direction, and wow. Brava!
8/12 c12 12mackiechandler
I really enjoyed this. Harry used his abilities and found a great family.
8/12 c3 32Jake Crepeau
Interestingly enough, Americans used to call it "jelly," too. I have an old cookbook from World War II that has recipes on how to make "jellies;" the first ingredient is unflavored gelatin powder. Apparently the brand "Jello" didn't exist yet. ;D
8/9 c12 19VashonBeader
This is an awesome story, and I am going to rec it to others.

I would LOVE to see an epilogue that shows what happened to Dumbledore. Loved him getting captured.

Thank you for writing and sharing!
7/10 c12 Alwin-nl
Nice one! Very good read, thanks for writing!
7/5 c12 Halfrican18
wonderful story. I was kinda hoping for a more complete ending. This left some unanswered questions and open to a possible sequel. Thanks for the story. It was fun, imaginative, and well written.
6/15 c1 4RwbyRose03244
I've returned for my sixth read-through of this fic!
I absolutely adore Harry's relationship and companionship he develops with the adults. You actually make John a likeable character when compared to his counterpart in the novel.
6/11 c12 Allo
It was an absolute joy reading this. Thank you so much for the time you spent on it.
5/22 c9 Trainion
Fucking hell that sass
5/15 c12 3Jordin-Pendragon
Absolutely amazing. Honestly wish there was more but it was written to perfection
5/8 c12 ripper34
Good story
5/3 c12 Dan
This is one of my fav fanfics ever. Took a while to find it again and reread it but i love it.
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