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6/4 c12 rayhawkins10
5/20 c12 Hadeen
I was not expecting such a fun story. Great characters and the magical bits were well handled.
5/13 c12 LordGraygem
Oh, I really do hope we can get some more this setting, it was brilliant!
5/1 c4 2SixFtWookie
I just now realized why the raptor names are so familiar. Are you a HermitCraft fan by chance?
5/1 c12 fanreader18
great story aside from all the no maj dick sucking.
4/18 c1 Guest
I feel like dinosaurs are, in fact, NOT more terrifying than a dragon.

Dragons are basically just flying, fire-breathing dinosaurs.
4/14 c12 Guest
Plenty of retarded things have been pointed out by others, so I'll just add two things.
First, somewhere early it was said that a dinosaur on the loose would be stopped easily, especially in the States with all the guns, but then at the end the abomination was supposedly such a big issue.
And more generally, plenty of your stories are pointless crossovers where you add Harry and try to generate more problems, since in canon without everything went well enough. Plenty of people have done it with the Avengers, but Jurassic Park is even more stupid, especially given how you "solved" it.
3/30 c12 Sage Mode Sasuke
Great job
3/16 c12 Mikeblade
thanks for writing this it helped me relax.
3/16 c11 Mikeblade
omg they can write there names make one president of the usa just for a laugh
3/16 c10 Mikeblade
lines one of humans biggest weaknesses people see a line they get in it even if they have no idea what the line is for.
3/16 c9 Mikeblade
thanks you for writing.
3/16 c8 Mikeblade
more like it would be a war against magical britain only because fudge is not in charge of the entire magical world and there for can't make other magical countries go to war.

plus the magical's know they can never beat the muggles in a war why else do you think there hiding like pussies there out numbered out gunned and most cities have cameras everywhere they would not survive.
3/14 c12 Deana Gem
You kept me up until midnight last night, and I was sleepy all day at work.
Well Done!
Love a good story!
3/9 c5 4The Geeky Folkteller
The evacuation of Isla Sorna didn't occur until some time after the Isla Nublar incident. Also, even if they abandoned Site B in June of 1992, then by June 1993 the infrastructure on the island shouldn't be too banged up.
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