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for Family Don't End With Blood

10/25/2019 c4 29MBAV fan66
It's ok, Benny. Dentist offices and hospitals can be a very scary place to go to, sometimes. I never liked going to the dentist, either. Let's just hope Dean doesn't record one of those funny videos of people just now leaving the dentist but are still under the influence of the anesthesia a bit and wind up saying hilarious things, with Benny. Lol!
10/23/2019 c3 MBAV fan66
Awe! A nice little break from hunting, for once. Too, bad a curious and mischievous little raccoon decided to ruin their good time in the woods having a picnic by stealing Benny's bad and taking off with it. Only to then drop it into the river. Lol! Thank goodness, Dean was there to save Benny from drowning in the river. And Ethan too, back when he still lived in Whitechapel. I'm sure once Benny learns how to swim he won't be so fearful of the water anymore.
10/21/2019 c2 MBAV fan66
That was an epic battle! Taking on God, himself! And his zombie army, too! Lol! Thankfully, our heroes Benny and Dean were able to stop them and save the world again.
9/22/2019 c1 MBAV fan66
That's sweet how they have each others back. Even if it means sacrificing their own life to protect the other. Benny's time on Earth just wasn't done yet. He still had a lot of good left to do in the world. One of which is being there by his adoptive big brother's side, fighting bad supernatural creatures of the night!

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