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4/21 c11 21Duchess67
Is the rogue bug swarm because of Amy's butterfly? Is THAT what Oni Lee was talking about, that Taylor had taken something of theirs, maybe some of their people died? I'm kinda confused.
4/21 c8 Duchess67
Um, how does Aegis know Taylor and what made him think she was insane? That throwaway line in the middle of the flight/fight scenes just stuck in my head and won't leave me alone.
4/21 c7 Duchess67
Um, you made a point of stating that Taylor's range for bugs was 11 blocks. Then a butterfly in her line of sight is out of her range? And she didn't feel the bug in the office until she entered the building? Gotta admit, flipping her range around that drastically makes NO sense.

This story is very interesting, otherwise, though. Making Danny be Coil is ... Ugh, it actually makes SENSE in a way that is creepy as heck! *shudder*

Having the girls watch Aliens cracked me UP! And yeah, please never ever have one of those things burst out of an Endbringer's chest? Oh my gosh, ALL THE NOPE in the WORLD! LOL
4/13 c17 Guest
You just couldn't resist putting in a literal butterfly effect, author?
4/12 c4 Guest
Cool idea, author.
4/7 c87 20Meteoricshipyards
Thank you. Good story. Interesting solution to the problems. Loved Jacks ending.

Tom A.
1/20 c87 Ciarle
Just finished reading the story after bingeing it over the last 2-3 days. Loved it, and especially loved the mass effect stuff and would love to see an actual fic for the idea, no pressure though. Write what you love.
1/13 c65 Seigga
"I badly need to get something really nice for Monarch. scene change* The girls all standing around monarch scratching his carapace and feeding him candy.
TaylorWho's a good bug monster? Who's a GOOD bug monster?"
1/13 c22 Seigga
Don't know about the rest of y'all, but does anyone else hear Abathur from Star Craft II: Heart of the Swarm whenever [Shaperspeaks"?

Loving this story by the way!
12/28/2021 c87 NulledVoid
9/21/2021 c64 TheForgottenKing
This was such a badass chapter, completely awesome HAHAHAHAHAHA
9/12/2021 c87 1tpx1
nice story
thank you for sharing!
8/28/2021 c87 16zigmas
Kinda a strange pairing age-difference-wise, I think.
Unless all of them are old enough for the difference to really not matter anymore.
As of the actual chapter... it's weird.
Just like Clock, lol.
8/27/2021 c3 16twilliams1797
its weird receiving notes and reviews for something you wrote x number of years ago..I still get complaints and flames and reviews for things I wrote in 2007.
my nature is I have to point out things ex: Hive and MsMilitia convo Hive pointed out an Epipen ready if needed. nearby. End of the convo she swarmed out and no mention of the pen.. I will assume Chekov's gun and it was just not mentioned, but was picked up.

I am amazed I have been reading worm for a few years now, but never noticed how prolific you are. I was reading the Rune Stone Path, don't recall if I finished much gave up HP for Worm
8/27/2021 c87 osterreicher97
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