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4/18 c4 The
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...Through the power of friendsh- i'm going to stop my self there and read the rest now bye
4/2 c11 gweenace
I'm starting to realize how much of a nerf Taylor's power got. It's a real 100k or 5k a week situation and she took the 100k like a chump. Hive is kinda trash on top of the nerfed powers.
2/4 c71 BlazeStryker
I should have said this for the SpaceBattles posting; of *course* Mouse Protector wears mouse ears to speak primarily in puns. She's taking the Mickey out on everyone! -Drum roll and rimshot-
2/4 c32 BlazeStryker

(Sorry, but that type of personality sets off my MOB!Dumbles protocols)
2/3 c76 1Bearmauls
just occurred to me, Taylor can 'borrow' powers from the shards in her network, basicallly at will it seems. Shaper is certainly part of Queen Hub. Can't Taylor borrow Shaper and use it to modify Amy if Amy wanted any changes?
1/26 c17 SlayerOfShadows371
I just had a thought, who’s worse; Glados from Portal or the Entities, because they both want data.
1/24 c78 Spidersauce
Eh. Nitpicking, but Doormaker is sorta useless. It's Clairvoyant that made him convenient as fuck.
1/24 c76 Spidersauce
Uh, packing the bow is an entirely useless discussion iirc. One of Butcher's powers was stone shaping or something similar. She can make bows on the fly :o
1/24 c75 Spidersauce
I mean . . . Can't she have Simmy deal with Stinger? I always got the impression she was a better precog than even Contessa. I get that having EBs solve ALL her problems is a bad idea story-wise, but she's literally picking the only one of her enemies that is actually a threat to her to handle personally.
1/24 c73 Spidersauce
"Oh, fuck. Taylor
1/24 c71 Spidersauce
So this is the first time I have ever read a fic where Sleeper was actually described. I'm not sure how I feel about the trend being broken.
1/24 c68 Spidersauce
But Taylor already knows Alexandria is Chief Director. What's this "when do I meet him?" thing?
1/23 c10 11BMeph
“Oh motherfucker!” Lisa shouted surging to her feet, laptop falling to the ground. I just stayed where I was, with my hands clasped in between my legs. “I didn’t know it was that big! Taylor stop!..."

That's what SHE said!
1/23 c27 Spidersauce
OHHHHHH. I just got that this is an Omake. ANs often have spoilers so I skip them . . . How annoying lol
1/23 c27 Spidersauce
So . . . She's gonna time travel with the time endbringer and try again yeah?
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