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for Child of a Devil and a Angel

4/22 c17 SPark681
Hmm, damn what a great story though I gotta wonder how Naruto's counterpart in the elemental nations is doing anyways keep up the great work!
4/18 c6 Guest
Cringing so hard reading the lines. I give up with this story..
4/17 c1 Sinless
I'm sorry, but this is pretty terrible. Lines are cringe, grammar is subpar and sometimes doesn't make sense. I'd suggest reading better fanfics and comparing yours and theirs.
4/1 c1 jimmy.oz
Doesn't he mean he can't have kids with any woman since they would die or is just the first one that is born that kills the mother and he is able to have children just that they wont be like him.
3/25 c1 K1B4ND
Lol That introduction between Naruto, Rias and Akeno is absolutely bonkerHello I'm Rias, I hate people who don't respect women and see us like pieces of meat".
I'm gonna be a bit caustic but that's the girl who throw herself in the arms of a raging pervert and would probably propose her virginity to the first stranger powerful enough to take down Riser, and after that seduces said stranger by any means necessary because he looks left and right and doesn't even bother to hide what he wantsto have the biggest harem of history.
Say what you want about Issei, he's actually honest, and doesn't let someone gets robbed of their life, literally, to enslave them afterward.
3/20 c3 Vavaldline
sigh now grayfia gotta die
3/20 c2 Vavaldline
Ok so b4 I read this chap and possibly drop IF Naruto joins under her I just want to tell u just incase that IFFFFFFFFFFF he ends up doing that, I would like you to kindly go and suck uh mada, you probably don't know what that mean but don't search it up lol
3/4 c1 2brenster100
The only problem with having an angel in the haram is that you will need to make a way that she doesn't fall
2/8 c4 5Jtf0012
omg. I love gabriel
2/7 c2 Rairi Valelira
Also, I just realized I read this before. Oops. Welp round two then? That tail thing still confusing me lol
2/7 c1 Rairi Valelira
Stop giving foxes ten tails yo. I wish people would at least change the creature, like to a wolf or anything new really. Associating fox with ten tails is now confusing since I only ever think of nine tails.
1/17 c1 1Mpower0438
I enjoy your stories but I will say to reread some of the paragraphs since you tend to repeat yourself. You say the same sentence just worded differently multiple times in a paragraph. Like I said I do enjoy all of your stories just wanted to help you out a little with your writing.
1/5 c1 The light side of the moon
James hetfield: YEAH!
1/5 c2 Guest
I don't get what thia has to do with believing on someone's story.

"Well the day I was born, my Kaa-san previously had two miscarriages. My Tou-san that day went to the shrine and prayed pacing back and forth. Because they loved and care about me, my Tou-san and Kaa-san decided to name me Issei. Which means honest, because his prayers for me to be alright were honest". Issei smiled

And Nii-san is for brothers Nee-san is sisters
1/2 c1 Guest
Love the story
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