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for My Hero Academia: Superman

1/11 c11 Apothesis04
Your story is awesome so far! Keep up the great writing really has me captivated. :D
12/31/2020 c11 SonicMax
So like was that burst of air iida from the future or what? You said it was a clear day so it wasn't natural...
12/28/2020 c11 6pedrofaria339
So, i'm just gonna throw in my two cents here, and say that Iida's Hero Name could be Savitar, not only because they have the same speedster powers now, but also because of their color schemes being extremely similar to one another.
12/28/2020 c7 2Diaspared
Artificial Kryptonite is really dumb conceptually.
12/27/2020 c11 joeyginise
I must have missed Melissa becoming a Lantern, cause that came right out of left field. Anyway, this is still fun. Looking forward to the next one.

I will keep my eyes open for that Danny Phantom story.
12/27/2020 c4 2Monkey D. Rio
Enjoying it so far, and answered my earlier questions about DC characters and aliens existing, though I am left wondering, can all for one effect alien powers as well, or was superman a human with a quirk in this world, despite aliens existing?

And rebuilding the JL? You may have to power up the MHA characters to bring them up to DC levels, or bring a bunch other characters (Or equivalents) from back in time to balance it out.

Though thinking about it, for all his madness I can't imagine Joker putting himself directly in the face of All might without a failsafe (Like Kurogiri), because as tricky as he is Joker is still mostly a regular human, fighting with his brains rather than brawn. Hell he could only get away with it with Batman because Batman was a regular human (Peak condition, but a human nonetheless).

Again, the story is great so far and I'm gad you haven't just made Izuku walk all over everyone.
12/27/2020 c1 Monkey D. Rio
This seems well written, and is quite interesting from the get go. You manage to sum up the important parts of Izuku's life pre-OFA quickly and efficiently without dragging any parts out and leaving enough open for you to possibly play around with later. Also, I have to wonder how deep the DC crossover is.

You mention there will be a doomsday, and have mentioned Batman and Green arrow, but will there be others from DC, or just stories and echo's of them in Hero society? If so is it an altered DC with human only characters restricted to Earth, as Superman's powers being a 'quirk' hinted at, or is there a chance for a green lantern to appear from space and Greek gods to empower people? I am curious.

Also for the record, I tend to dislike superman for being massively OP, so him having to grow into his powers and be so easily handled at this point makes me happy to carry on reading (You know, besides the fact it's well written and you seem to have a set story in mind). So well done, and I look forward to reading the rest.
12/27/2020 c11 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent update thank you
12/27/2020 c11 Guest
Mirio getting One for All is giving me serious Martian Manhunter vibes. Permeation paired with the strength boost One for All. Plus if you plan on allowing Mirio to access BlackWhip and/or Float in the distant future, that just makes him seem more like a Martian Manhunter counterpart. Also do you think Izuku in this story would extend his search for league members past UA? If so I think that wind guy from Shiketsu (Inasa was it?), would be a sick replacement for Red Tornado.

Otherwise, this story is awesome dude, keen to see how this evolves!
12/27/2020 c11 3RonaldM40196867
Justice is forever!
12/27/2020 c11 1Saramus92
Great chapter, I'm curious to read the next one.
Will Doomsday and Darkseid appear in the story?
Could Momo or Ochako become the next Wonde Woman?
12/27/2020 c11 23Death Fury
excellent chapter
12/26/2020 c11 Squaretree
Great chapter and I’m really looking forward to the Danny Phantom MHA fanfiction.
12/26/2020 c11 12Gold Testament
Have the Iida family learn what Nezu tried to pull behind Eraserhead's back, and the things their son did in desperation for that... I'm pretty sure Tensei and his dad would use their speed quirks to restrain Nezu while Tenya and Tensei's mother humiliated the principle by shaving off his fur. Aizawa and maybe even Endeavor might bust a gut.
12/26/2020 c11 7Tim Curry's Toxic Love
Alright! Iida is the new Flash! Hopefully Barry and Wally are watching over him from the Speed Force!
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