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4/26 c1 supboyyyyy93
I get that Takashi can get kinda annoying with the harem garbage but it's actually the girls that are pretty damn annoying most of the time. They basically throw themselves on to him like they're constantly in heat or something for no damn good reason especially Saeko, i get both Saya and Rei since they known him since childhood (even though they're still pretty damn annoying) Saeko on the other hand, barely knew him at all and it just seems like she only liked him because he's the main character. I hate most harems especially ones like this one, where the guy can't make up his damn mind or the girls acting like a bunch of clingy whores that don't care about anything other than getting the guy, hell Saeko even admited that at one point she only cared about Takashi in the group, so stupid.
4/21 c28 Elogost27549
This is where I stop. It's rare to find an oc that's this unlikable. I'm going to skip the rant and just say that I don't recommend this story.
4/14 c59 5God Snatcher
The protagonist and his harem are so well developed, it would be a waste to end them there.

As a suggestion, since how he was added to this world was not explained, this phenomenon could occur again (with some justification) and take them (him and his harem) to another anime world
4/12 c56 FreakyFreek
Hmm, ignore my earlier review about ending it soon, rereading I can't say things have got too bad but I think it would be good to have the crew close again. If you want to get more into the zombie element use resident evil. But so far you seem to just want things to progressively improve so thats fine too. Again is miku yuuki just a forgotten element, who tripped tsunoda? While I don't really miss takagi and rei I do miss kohta, shizuka, Alice and zero. Is rika just a tease character or a possible romance. Anyways the stories great, just been a few down points since canon ended but also good ones to balance out.
4/12 c9 FreakyFreek
So was the whole tripping tsunoda just forgotten about as im rereading this, I don't think we ever find out who but I thought it was miku yuuki. I figured since she ends up staying with the convoy she'd become relevant perhaps even a 3rd love interest so is that whole point just forgotten?
4/11 c59 FreakyFreek
Gonna be honest i think its time to think about either ending the story soon or adding in some new elements. Ever since the group split and around chapter after chapter 30 to 40 stories been going down hill. Its not bad but when will there be a threat, where's rika, is there anyone left to save? At this point the zombies are more of just a inconvenience then a threat it seems. Maybe adding new elements similar to resident evil and curing the virus but everything just feels safe or like a daily life anime in a apocalypse. Getting the group together or having some more people and SOMETHING happening would be nice. Sorry if it seems like a rant but this is such a good story and seeing it kinda become boring sucks.
4/4 c28 Man Man
Holy Shite pickles, when he shot the teenager that was some of the most solidifying things he’s ever done, he said three chances, and he got three chances, no take backs
4/4 c31 marveldcfanficlover
When will he get laid mc just how can I say it trash when it comes to doing things he wants he wants the girl but wont do shit with them always finding a excuse and when will he get rid of the mask doesn't make sense to me
4/4 c8 marveldcfanficlover
Why didn't he just kill him
4/3 c59 NicoAndTheNiners
Really loving this, thanks for the awesome chapter!
4/2 c59 Guest
love it
3/31 c58 Funny-Little-Cute White Fox
Awesome chapter, hope you write soon, are you planing to write lemons?
3/30 c28 IncognitoMinerals
Jesus, this smoothbrain motherfucker really is his own worst enemy. Not only that, you had him angsting for the longest time about the world possibly forcing things along the anime rails, while also hugging the rails as hard as fucking possible like a good little train. Also, really? You're going to give the attempted rapist dipshit that held a gun to your head some painkillers and a bat as a parting gift? Christ this moron is frustrating to read about.
3/30 c15 IncognitoMinerals
This smooth brain motherfucker should've long since killed shido. He's seen the anime, he knows what he gets up to with his bullshit, why leave him alive? Seriously, this comes across as authorial mandated retardation just to keep that fucking drama generator alive.
3/30 c9 IncognitoMinerals
I swear the MC comes across as a fucking moron. By leaving shitbag shido alive you're going to ultimately cause the downfall of saeko's dad's compound.
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