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8/5 c78 CT
Heh heh dumb idea. HS ot D crossed with Warhammer 40K. They get picked up by an Inquisitor during a Nurglite invasion.
8/1 c78 DrFantastic
You’ve been doing great. Your fan base has been growing. Just when I thought it was getting a little too happily-ever-after-ish, you MORE than cover up for it with that ending, turning the overly smooth sailing from detrimental to something I want to read again to try and find hints of the instability of the situation! Quick question though. Do you need anyone to proofread for you? I wouldn’t mind correcting the grammar, but there’s also the issue of still having smooth phrasing. I’d love to help!
8/1 c78 Eldrift60
I’ve got some other stuff to say, but the most pressing matter should come before all else. Do you need someone to proofread for you? You mentioned not having the time, but I would love to help, and I have some experience balancing grammar and a sense of natural phrasing.

With that said, congrats! You’ve built a great story so far. I’ve loved it while I was binging and while I’ve waited for each update. I thought for a bit that that things have been going too smoothly, but with recent events you’ve turned a detriment into something spectacular. Also, I could not care less if you put lemon into this.
7/31 c78 Mau160
Keep up the good work
7/31 c78 Krieger Techpreist
Lazyness hurts, but unmindfullness kills
7/30 c78 ThatDevilSlayer
Saeko damn near losing it from almost losing the MC is exactly how I would expect her to react to losing someone who is literally the entire reason why she's even living at this point. MC is her reason to live just like how Takashi was in canon.
7/30 c78 RadChaos897
Hot damn, that part where Naier got bit had me real worried. Good job with the suspense!
Keep at it Sereo, I always feel excited when I see a new chapter notification in my email from you.
7/30 c30 TenkaMeansHeaven
7/29 c78 3OechsnerC
Well that was really close to being is end. Really enjoyed reading this chapter. Looking forward to reading more.
7/29 c78 Malguss123
Damn that was so close. I like how saeko reaction was very realistic toward the situation. Great chapter as usual
7/29 c78 Guest
love it
7/29 c78 DrackNath
Dang getting intense and seeing Saeko ho ballistics for Naier almost being infected remained me she isnt completely stable...Another amazing chapter and thank you for this :D cant wait for the next one
7/29 c78 rharper909
Great chapter I'm loving this story. Now don't have our Mc die or anything let him stay with his woman please those four need to stick together
7/28 c77 HectorFenyx
Gracias por los cap.

Siento la demora, estaba ocupado por la universidad.
7/28 c77 Guest
I am loving this story
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