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1/21 c1 TopGun1986
Is this going to be in the same universe as The Mighty Avengers and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man?
4/11/2020 c2 Guest
Nice chapter.
4/11/2020 c2 5patrickthenobleman
I think this is the point where the film began to go off. Till then the origin of the four and their intro to society was fair enough. But after that nothing really happened save for roommate shenanigans, which aren't necessarily bad but they didn't justify the comedy with any drama.
But here their actions have not only earned the continued ire of Doom, which should be slowly built up, but they've also earned the more immediate ire of the Puppet Master. Which can also be the introduction to Alicia.
9/24/2019 c1 pyrojack25
Basically a part two story of semi fan service of naked men and women in bad spots... Okay, maybe not all of that, but really your interpretation of the film in a way.
9/24/2019 c1 patrickthenobleman
Nice first chapter. The only issue I see is that you should have used 'chagrin' in a bit of exposition detailing Ben's feelings early on.

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