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for Lady Boros, Dominator Of The Heart

1/10 c9 OffMango
So is Genos gonna ask Boros to be his mentor? I'm cuuuuurious af so onto the next chapter...
1/10 c8 OffMango
Considering that humans would be stunned by her beauty, now I REALLY want to know how Lady Boros looks like...
1/10 c5 OffMango
Ah yes, Boros' female version falls in love with Saitama. This fandom is so madly creative, man XD
12/28/2021 c41 ashrenshugar
Awesome story! Can't wait to see what happens next.
12/22/2021 c41 8FanficThinker
I mean this was bound to happen, imagine having a queen that is all like...promising to take the land for his people but now she cant do that and now spends her time there just being friendly with the ones she was meant to wipe out and shrinking herself, that would make the other sea folk see her as being weak or not the royalty they want. No wonder The queens toxic hair attack didnt work on saitama, we learned that he can even bath in lava.
12/21/2021 c41 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Hopefully she doesn't start out in C rank.
12/21/2021 c41 nomercy58
I feel odd for this but I'm kinda shipping Deep with Mumen Rider. Also interested in Mumen's report to the Association.
12/21/2021 c41 4Monster King
Awesome work
12/19/2021 c40 erasenpai946
finally the relationship between Saitama and Lady Boros will move a bit, and one thing I didn't understand is the Elder Queen as humanoid like the others or is she literally a giant lizard?
12/19/2021 c40 Monster King
12/18/2021 c40 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Glad he is taking him having his own disciple so well.
12/17/2021 c39 DraconicReconcile
After reading everything, I can confidently say this isn't bad. While I haven't yet processed about what flaws there could be, I'm able to say that it's enjoyable, at least. In addition, this is one of those stories where, normally, there would be a harem, but there isn't! I'm thankful for that, but that's my own opinion. I'm also comfortable with how it's paced. It doesn't feel rushed or slow. The grammar is satisfactory. There wasn't any typos or anything else that ruined the experience of reading this. I also like how the story doesn't always focus on how OP the characters, aspects of other parts of life are included. I'm really enjoying it so far and I hope the author can see this through to the very end because there are a lot of stories that I enjoy a lot and I would hope that this story doesn't become a part of that statistic.
12/17/2021 c1 Private Lancelot
Dude are you also The_Lone_Lobster the author in Ao3?
12/17/2021 c39 erasenpai946
I honestly think this story would work wonderfully as a Harem with Lady Boros, the queens and Fubuki, Mizuki and Tatsumaki, but unfortunately I don't think it will happen, but if you decide to make a harem think about it please

PS: Please speed up Saitama's ramance a little and Lady Boros didn't walk 1 centimeter, it's still like a stone
12/16/2021 c39 nomercy58
Loving where this is going. Also, does Ancient Queen resemble the ancient king from the series or does she look different?
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