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for Lady Boros, Dominator Of The Heart

10/1/2020 c5 H20 Ferrum Dominus
Ah, the classic love at first punch. Truly a holy trope amongst Action stories!
10/1/2020 c3 H20 Ferrum Dominus
Ah~! How I love character development and backstories. The way you portrayed Boros here is quite amazing indeed! I cannot wait for her and Saitama's interactions!
10/1/2020 c1 H20 Ferrum Dominus
Damn how did I not find this masterpiece earlier! This is an amazing concept for a OPM story! Thanks for the prologue and keep up the good work! You got yourself a loyal follower!
9/6/2020 c8 MrJeff
hey i like the story btw are you gonna update it?
9/6/2020 c12 MrJeff
this is sooo fucking good pls update
8/29/2020 c1 V Elemecha V
Are you updating or is there an error? Because I don’t see any new chapters.
7/21/2020 c19 Xd'nt
So good
7/12/2020 c19 5thehappy
I have to admit, this is a very entertaining story. I'm glad I read it and hope for more!
7/9/2020 c19 Rice with Chest-Nuts
uPdAtE.. UpDaTe.. upDaTE! please, hurry up and update this story! tho, take your times as much you can. consider this just has small part of the canon, well kinda.. lol
.. in the meantime, i'll just read your other stories.v but tbh, i excited for this one instead, lolmao UwU

but goddammit! Boros turned into a maiden now isn't she? :v congrats Saitama! you've conquer the conqueror! lolol
7/9/2020 c18 Rice with Chest-Nuts
wowzers! i can't believe you'll made Saitama learn Bang's martial arts... if only Saitama would agreed tho... i'm not gonna complaining at all! i like the idea of it! if that's why you made Genos became Boros' disciple instead of Saitama's, then...

btw, Saitama reaction is so priceless and understandable! lolmao, and he is a man of culture! this is nice!
7/8/2020 c17 Rice with Chest-Nuts
7/8/2020 c15 Rice with Chest-Nuts
wow! so H.A. is basically ran by a bunch of idiots but a few were decent... and that's right! Saitama is just too great as a person, ...i just hope things will escalate differently than that from the canon which is why i already fond of this story, ooof! but man, i thought he was going to use his Serious Series or something. well, anyway...
7/8/2020 c13 Rice with Chest-Nuts
what did i say?! improvising! ...i fucking love it!

...andthe idea of Genos became Boros disciple was intrigued me to no end, this is so awesome!
7/7/2020 c11 Rice with Chest-Nuts
...hmmm. tho, i kinda like the idea of Lady Boros turning full Yandere and like over-protective of Saitama. UwU that would be enjoyable,
7/7/2020 c11 Rice with Chest-Nuts
wow! improvising... i love it!
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