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for Lady Boros, Dominator Of The Heart

1/21/2020 c1 Guest
Love your story...
1/21/2020 c18 Dudtheman
ahhhhh good for them and lol bang
1/20/2020 c17 1Jack54311
Oh boy. The truth came out in absolutely one of the worst ways. Here's hoping that Saitama doesn't mess this up. I imagine that Groribas is definitely gonna be punished for this.
1/20/2020 c17 Zero
Oh god...
1/20/2020 c17 1TBM10
This is great
My favourite part is the creative way you insulted saitama. I loved it
I'm gna be using that from now on
Keep updating
Thank you
1/20/2020 c17 sasukesdoom
WHOA did not expect that. but i guess writing it out, you thought enough was enough. haha can't wait to see the outcome
1/20/2020 c17 seriouspunch2122
This is AMAZING I can't wait for a new chapter
1/20/2020 c17 17sky
yeah, that about sums him up. Saitama's a great guy, but he also isn't at the same time. anyway, good chapter, lookin forward to the next. Also, use past tense, sometimes present, when describing actions. Future tense makes things weird and the sudden change in tense is poor quality.
1/20/2020 c17 FLARE210
Boros :c
1/15/2020 c16 Zero
1/15/2020 c1 2Call Brig On Over
I got to give it to you, that was a great start.
1/13/2020 c15 Guest69
Nice fic man. Boros is cute as hell.
1/14/2020 c16 1Jack54311
Hey there. It sure has been awhile. Nice to see you return to this. Good chapter. I can definitely sympathize with Boros. Emotions are tough, and us guys sure can be dense at times.
1/14/2020 c16 Dudtheman
good chapter hopefully they grow closer with the fight or maybe some human witnesses to confirm his strength beyond doubt though that may take away from how one punch works whatever looking forward to the next chapter thanks for the read
1/14/2020 c16 Nagisa Tr

Is boros a kuudere?


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