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for Lady Boros, Dominator Of The Heart

10/24 c35 dorenflak777
Damn... This is cool
10/24 c35 4Monster King
10/19 c34 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Poor lad is going to be in for it tomorrow.
10/19 c34 4Monster King
9/18 c33 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Oh boy he is going to chat with the crew again.
9/18 c33 Guest
muy bueno capo
9/14 c33 4Monster King
9/14 c32 Grey Fox Ninja
I honestly wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this story. I was honestly intrigued by Lady Boros and Saitama being an item. But honestly even if the pairing is unique and interesting it doesn’t always make a good story. You’ve done fantastic in that regard. I enjoy the dynamics you’ve set in place for the characters, like Boros and her elites, it’s not something we saw a lot of in source material but you’ve done well in handling them. I especially enjoy your writing style, while I’m in no way knowledgeable enough to explain what style you have or anything I can describe the feeling from the style. It honestly feels like I’m reading official OPM material, it’s not as humorous or gag filled as the source, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have that because it does. I just find that your writing keeps a similar feel to the source which isn’t easy and I admire the ability you have to do that. Making the 4 kings 4 queens instead was also a change I like. Not necessarily for the reason you’d think. I actually feel like it fits everything better. When describing nature it’s always referred to as Mother Earth. It makes more sense that the 4 individuals ruling over the different races and sections of the planet would therefore be women. At least in my mind, a lot of times in nature the females tend to be larger or have different characteristics to their male counterparts. And in sci-fi media as well. Granted I know this change was more made to add additional drama and spice to the storyline with extra rivals. But even still I think that it makes more sense and it’s a good change up. Keep up the good work.
9/11 c18 taiwoeretan1
I think saitama reaction and answer to this is done well to the context of his character.
9/7 c32 Dudtheman
this story is so much fun to read thank you
9/3 c32 Martin-di-Arcov
her doggo/giantrocklizardthing is going to cause a lot of chaos before finding her won't he?
9/3 c28 Martin-di-Arcov
I agree with Saitama here: some days it just isn't worth it to get out of bed
9/2 c7 Martin-di-Arcov
poor black matter Thieves
I mean
their boss is walking around in pants and a bra and they can't even ogle her without running the risk of having their eyeballs melted by Geryuganahoop
and poor Geryuganahoop, being forced to gather "material" for lady Boros and watch over the stupid humans for no good reason
9/1 c32 2LongNightDragon
I bet the Giant Rock Lizard is Subterranean Queen's pet or something like that.
9/1 c32 1TheGreatBubbaJ
What a fun and peaceful time they are all having.
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