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for Lady Boros, Dominator Of The Heart

8/28 c31 Guest
love it
8/30 c6 BoredKing
Huh? The Boros Arc was very short and at the beginning of the series. Even if you consider the time of you writing this, the manga had several more arcs released already plus the original webcomic was even further. So what limited content?
8/25 c31 Serge ant Snash
I have been anticipating this new chapter so much
8/23 c31 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Pet lizard.
8/23 c31 dorenflak777
8/23 c31 4Monster King
8/15 c30 chowchow10181
I like this story, and it deserves some high-quality fan art to go along with it!
6/22 c30 Ecomonococo
Great fic. Love the story and drama. Looking forward to the next update.
6/10 c29 nomercy58
Oooooo. Love this another read through done and can’t wait for the next set of updates
5/20 c1 nomercy58
Hmmm. Another re-read through? Why tf not
5/17 c30 nomercy58
Just finished reading this in a couple sessions and am loving it. Can’t wait for the next update
5/13 c6 3Sachen
What do you mean "little material for me to work with"? What, are you not aware of the existence of manga, or the original series which is very far ahead? Fucking anime onlys.
3/30 c19 Colshan
Was it ever explained how exactly Bang was able to keep up when Santaima?
3/10 c30 1Las piedras
I like..
3/7 c30 1JustAnAverageGuy101
This is getting INTERESTING to say the least. I like it. I think the ancient queen will definitely show herself too
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