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for Lady Boros, Dominator Of The Heart

3/7 c30 1JustAnAverageGuy101
This is getting INTERESTING to say the least. I like it. I think the ancient queen will definitely show herself too
2/17 c30 2Dank Tanuki
Bruh 120,000 and not even a kiss? Come on bro people have written great love stories in less words.
2/16 c30 4Monster King
2/14 c29 johnwickapencilafuckingpencil
very good
2/6 c1 2Yoo Bi-Yun
now this is what i seek...
2/2 c30 Team5dsforever
Oh man wait until Boros finds out that she has others competing for Saitama’s attention she is going to flip. On another note, just what kind of soap operas do they even have because the one that the Deep Sea Queen saw sounds interesting and full of drama.
1/21 c30 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Horny hen of the sky, hah.
1/21 c30 PitchParade
I thoroughly enjoy the image of two giant monster women being absolute fucking dorks.
1/21 c30 1hfromerov

If Boros know about that

Rip sky Queen and subterranean Quen

Good chapter dude, very good

Im waiting for the next
1/21 c30 freddy.lane.1
Oh my fucking god, What the fuck kind of soap opera's have they created?! NOoooooo!
1/21 c29 BlitzNeutral69
why do i feel like saitama might end up with a harem but with boros as the main girl. XD
1/13 c9 bjorn aleswiller
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My official headcanon for this story...
1/11 c29 6TheClowningPrince
Oh... fuck. I sense Boros will soon be serving up a bucket of fried bird-queen, extra crispy
1/11 c29 1hfromerov

That, dudeee

Now i need more of this

Very good chapter
1/11 c29 1TheGreatBubbaJ
The lad can never escape stalkers. Seems Boros should have listened to Bang's scenario.
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