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for Lay of the Yellow Dragon - Chasing Tail (A RWBY SI)

1/12 c15 3Stereborg
I need more of this.
6/28/2020 c15 5Nonyaarb
holy crap, that was deeper than i was ecpevting, and it just made everything better. If i let go of all my hesitation and inhibatations, I can imagine acting similoar tp yang in this story
6/28/2020 c15 1starwars05
Hmm this was a lot more serious than was expected, well written though hope to see how it goes
6/28/2020 c15 Guest
This story is not going anywhere.
6/27/2020 c15 2Kaiya Azure
Well, that happened. Though the good news is that it looks like Team JWBY might be on the first step to becoming an actual team.
6/27/2020 c14 drkprince
looking forward to more of this.. lol
6/10/2020 c14 5Kian Xki

So short!

I wanted to read more!
6/4/2020 c14 LandWhale172
I knew she’d grab it
6/4/2020 c14 11battle manga
Wahhoooooo! Now that is a laugh. I wonder if Jhauns reaction means one of his sisters is the same way? Great chapter
6/3/2020 c14 Shadowuser0112
This is great
6/3/2020 c14 2Kaiya Azure
Thanks. I needed the laughs. Though I wonder where things might go from here.
6/3/2020 c14 Guest
Hahahaha. Nice. This was the best possible reveal
6/3/2020 c13 Guest
God I love this
6/3/2020 c14 5Guerra Bored
poor yang, id say poor Weiss but she deserved it
6/3/2020 c14 Doomagedon
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