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8/17/2020 c10 Guest
Labyrinth Awesome story!
8/17/2020 c9 Guest
I have been a faithful reader of Chuck fanfiction for years. I watched the series multiple times. I am not really sure but, the whole concept and basic storyline just resonated with me more that any other. Its really the only fanfiction I read. I have probably read practically every story out there. I just want to say your stories are all excellent. Great ballance of spy action, angst and, love story. Keep the creativity coming.
1/28/2020 c10 Martin T
Loved it, like Pretty much everything else you’ve written. I’m impressed with how adroitly you fit three seasons worth of Sarah and Chuck development into 10 short chapters. That was a very fun little story. Hope you’ll do more like it!
10/10/2019 c10 10TrthIsOutThere
This chapter had a very X-files feel to it, and I completely dig it. I like this a lot. You always have such great AU plot lines.
10/10/2019 c10 4LetsGoRed
Fascinating story. The mood of this story for me was very different than other fanfic I've read recently; very much enjoyed that change. Being kept in the figurative dark (while Chuck and Sarah were kept in the literal dark) as to why C and S were being subjected to this lightless confinement made for a gripping story, and that was sustained to the end as little bits were revealed or sussed out by the characters as the story progressed. The Intersect with lie detection ability was a great story device. The dialog and the way you painted the character's emotions so the readers (at least this one) felt it deeply was phenomenal (as always with your stories). Being in pitch black meant that the connection they were finding was heavily on an emotional level (although some physical intimacy did find its way inno Chuck initially being struck dumb by the sight of a Vicki Vale stand-in. Chuck “seeing” more and more of Sarah, sometimes briefly repulsed, but each time drawing closer to her was the heart of the story for me and excellent in its execution. And then it all concluded with an enjoyable and appreciated uplifting ending (I was guessing how it was going to go right up to the end). Z, thank you. Here's hoping you've got another idea or dozen that move you to write more "Chuck" fanfic.
10/9/2019 c10 18True Love Lives Forever
I can honestly say I didn't see those twists and turns coming in this last chapter, but the surprises were pleasant. How you tied in Graham, Ryker, Larkin, and Falcrom was an interesting touch that I've never seen before. Poor Sarah for having been betrayed by everyone around her, only to lose Chuck in the end as well... That is until he showed up with his memory intact and having played NSA. It was refreshing to see Beckman and Casey with "lady feelings" from the beginning encounter with Chuck and Sarah. I haven't seen that often, but this AU does call for it.

I kind of wish you'd do a sequel to see where life takes Chuck and Sarah in this universe since theyre not an agent or an asset.

10/9/2019 c10 cesark19
A very enjoyable and interesting story as has been the case so far with the stories that I've read of you so far. Although it seems to me a little abrupt and fast paced the ending (I would have love to read a couple of more chapters but then again that's me being greedy) it was fantastic and a very appealing finish to this approach. Looking forward to your next piece
10/9/2019 c10 6uplink2
Great final chapter. I had a feeling Chuck was playing possum. Plus the background spy story made sense as to what was a possible explanation to their predicament. Well done as usual.
10/9/2019 c10 17WvonB
Whew! That was one whirlwind of an ending. (My early suspicions were way off, so I'm very glad I didn't voice them.)
Yes, I agree that the journey of this fascinating tale was much more important than the destination. A bit Jane Austen'ish as her stories often had a similar pattern.
The idea of defining a keyword for each chapter, then building the theme around it was clever and carried through very well.
Excellent characterization and very engaging dialogue.
Very, very well done.
(Hope the so long was just for this story.)
10/9/2019 c10 michaelfmx
As you said, an interesting little story. Honesty, tough to read in places, but the salient points came through clearly. You surprised me with Chuck’s ‘memory loss’ but it was ultimately the perfect way for him to get out from under the government. I do, however, feel that there is a little left on the table. Not that there needed to be a bunch more chapters, but there are certainly some unanswered questions. How does chuck manage with the intersect still in his head? And how does Sarah adjust to a normal life. My feeling is that one more chapter, maybe a 5 years later kind of thing with some reflection about what has happened over that time, would have wrapped this thing up nicely.i really enjoyed the journey here, but I just don’t think we got to see them finish it. Maybe you’ll consider adding one more? Guess I’ll wait and see.
10/9/2019 c10 TianC
Such an intriguing and compelling story, you know, this would really work as a theatre play, i kind of read it like that, you did an incredible work.
P.S.: for a moment there, i really tought he would forget for sure, pheww...
Thank you as always Z, great job, hope to see you soon!
10/9/2019 c10 wilf21
A very interesting and offbeat Chuck fic. I found it an immensely good read with a surprising outcome (in terms of who was behind the whole enterprise).
10/8/2019 c10 Guest
Great story! Ended exactly right. I wouldn’t add a thing.
10/9/2019 c10 Kacper983
Great chapter, great fic. It seems that it was Sarah who needed saving, not Chuck, at least on emotional level. During these 3 days of darkness they found reassurance in each other. This last chapter kind of surprised me as I wasn't expecting Fulcrum's presence here. All this time I thought it was NSA/CIA setup despite strange way Sarah was introduced. Anyway, can't wait for another one of your stories, they are always awesome.
10/8/2019 c10 Deathzbreath
Good story. Could still do more with this one some day if you so choose. Still, it's good where it stands. I enjoyed it, thank you.
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