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for The Demon Next Door

5/5 c10 ComplicatedYetSimple
an update!
every chapter of this fic is always so good
I enjoy it a lot
12/3/2020 c1 Guest
Hi, i'm Shaeril McBrown

i need help

i'm being harassed by a teacher named Lisa Ware-Krantz

she is a pedophile

she sends me death threats through emails and text messages

she flames me on my main account and calls my stories pigshit

she rapes me

she tells me to kill myself

please help me report her

she lives at 3662 Juniper Hills Drive, Rockwall, Texas 75032

she works at rockwall heath high school

her phone numbers are 972-771-0893 and 214-437-0250

her emails are lwarekrantz at hotmail dot com and lisa dot ware hyphen krantz at rockwallisd dot org

please please please make her leave me alone
11/14/2020 c9 7Starco4everr
Great chapter
8/20/2020 c3 1finnball2g
Wait, who says "uh" in a text?
7/27/2020 c7 7Starco4everr
Great chapter
7/27/2020 c7 ComplicatedYetSimple
This is my favorite chapter so far
It's just so good
so, so good

(Welp, I just choked on air in real life O_O )

The pacing is amazing as always, I love this story, you are talented.
I love it, please continue updating- but take your time of course!
6/8/2020 c6 Starco4everr
Great chapter
4/11/2020 c5 Guest
I can't wait for the tomcooooo
3/17/2020 c4 ComplicatedYetSimple
How has this been updated for so long without my noticing? lol
Another wonderful chapter! Dave and Wrathmilior are such great characters, I wish we could have seen more of them in the actual show.
2/28/2020 c4 Starco4everr
Great chapter
2/26/2020 c4 9gHiRaHimOfThEsUrFaCe
This chapter was really sweet. I hope you continue this story, I can’t wait for the updates! Have a great day/night/afternoon/morning!
12/29/2019 c3 7Starco4everr
Great chapter
12/28/2019 c3 ComplicatedYetSimple
Same sentiments as the previous reviews I've left.
Except, this time it's even better!

Favorite chapter thus far, I loved it! Please continue updating :)

My only criticism is that in this chapter I noticed a lot of small spelling/grammar mistakes. But other than that I liked it all! My favorite scene was where Tom revealed Jeremy's cheating lol
12/27/2019 c3 9gHiRaHimOfThEsUrFaCe
This was so good! I’m so glad you decided to continue this story! I really do love it a bunch and I hope you continue to make more amazing chapters. I honestly love how you gradually have Tom and Marco become closer and share more things with each other! Keep up the amazing work, and I love your writing style!
11/30/2019 c2 ComplicatedYetSimple
Basically, the exact same sentiments as my last review!
GOSH I'm so happy this updated! I Need this story so much XD

I love it, please continue updating- take your time of course, no need to feel like I'm rushing you or anything! Just please don't discontinue it :)

I'm enjoying the slow pace, it feels natural, it's like how a real friendship with these characters (in this situation) would go about. Their relationship thus far has been portrayed quite realistically. I am impressed.
I mean really. Your ability to write their slowly budding relationship is very good, I don't believe most writers (at the very least, fanfiction writers anyways) can do that at such a skill.

I'm also super happy how at the end of this chapter, they finally got a bit closer, so I can't wait to see their friendship/relationship develop further in the next chapter!

After all that praise, I should give some criticism?
Well... I could do with a little less Star and more Tom :P
(That's my own annoying preferences, and I was joking, ignore me lol)
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