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4/20 c34 15Alexpv22
Guilty...I've used the last name Rosato for Jordan in MY work.

It just feels fitting, to be honest
4/10 c42 Guest
Nice chapter.
4/5 c42 Guest
I wonder if Lincoln picked up something from the bumper car place.
4/5 c42 Allison
What about Mr. Grouse, I hope the Louds dont hold a grudge against him testifying in court.
3/31 c42 Guest
Lincoln please get better soon.
3/30 c42 17AlxkendBlader
An experimental sore throat medicine? Who knows what design flaws that stuff might have?
3/30 c42 8DreadedCandiru2
Hmmm...looks as if you're warming up a replacement for Pop-Pop...
3/30 c41 9Claircrystal
What happened to that new Kings of the Con story that turned up today, I dont see it listed anymore.
3/27 c41 Guest
Glad to know the parents and Lynn Jr are coping very well.
3/25 c6 15Alexpv22
All aboard the S.S. Karma
3/25 c2 Alexpv22
Lincoln may have lied...but the family are the real guilty party here, especially when you consider the dumb ideas they came up with to "teach him a lesson"
3/24 c41 Guest
Queen of the Rings... a derivative on King of the Rings, how clever.
3/24 c41 Guest
So Lincoln has begun preparations for moving in with the McBrides.

I'm also looking forward to Lucas and Sara visiting Lynn Sr. and Rita at Kingsley.
3/23 c41 Allison
Perfect chapter, I'm not surprised that Girl Jordan dislikes Ronnie Anne since the latter wasnt pleasant to the other students.
3/22 c41 8DreadedCandiru2
I think I have a bit of an idea why it's most of the younger girls: Shirley doesn't have that much space.
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