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7/19 c45 Guest
That was an emotional goodbye Lincoln and Lucy received
7/17 c45 8DreadedCandiru2
Three down, eight to go.
7/5 c44 Alix
I loved that episode Camped.
7/4 c44 9Claircrystal
Wishing all readers and reviewers a Happy Fourth of July.
7/2 c44 Guest
Now that's a great solution for Aunt Shirley and Uncle Ethan to take Lily.
7/2 c44 Guest
Very good chapter.
6/30 c1 Guest
I hope Albert doesn't take long to visit Rita and Lynn Senior in prison.
6/21 c43 Guest
Great job on this chapter.
5/31 c43 Guest
Good chapter, keep writing.
5/18 c43 Guest
The conversation between Lori and Bobby was good, usually Bobby would break up with Lori in NSL based stories, but he didnt in this story.
5/15 c1 Guest
Looks like the Venturas have a difficult decision to make.
5/14 c43 Guest
Nice to see one of Lincolns sisters helping him.
5/12 c43 8DreadedCandiru2
Ah. I'd assumed that was what she was for: being the only mother Lily actually sort of remembers...
4/20 c34 16Alexpv22
Guilty...I've used the last name Rosato for Jordan in MY work.

It just feels fitting, to be honest
4/10 c42 Guest
Nice chapter.
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